Millennium Sickness

All this talk about the millennium has got me sick. Who cares about what happened in the last thousand years–we weren't alive for but a bit of it. The recent past is what you should be concerned about. Was it Bob Marley who said something about the future and the past? I don't know–I ain't no hippie. Anyway, here's a brief recap of the trends, the riders, and the events of the 90s. Take notes of the super shitty ones, 'cause history has a way of repeating itself. –Nathan Yant

P.S. Dave and I racked our brains for hours coming up with these memorable moments. Our opinions do not directly reflect those of TransWorld or its employees–although the world would be a brighter place if they did.

Things We Bet You'll See Again

• Hard boots for freestylin'

• Baggy pants

• Terry Kidwell

• Mambo socks

• Pro hos

• Swallowtails

Things We Wish Would Just Go Away

• Snowboarding with ski poles

• Snowlerblades

• Liftlines

• Bitter, washed-up editors

• Mute stiffies

The Most Influential People And Events Of The 90S

• Farmer, Nate Cole, Jamie Lynn, Terje, and Peter Line

New Kids On the Twock, Whiskey, and Sexual Chocolate

• Forward lean

• The Pipe Dragon

• The death and rebirth of jibbing

• Boozy and The Green Cowboy

Who Would Have Guessed That

• Palmer would grace the cover of USA Today as “The World's Greatest Athlete”

• Damian and Brandy Sanders would break up

• Your dad would ask you to teach him how to snowboard

• Farmer wouldn't be on a major record label

• Snowboarding would be an Olympic sport

• Ranquet would still have a pro model

Good Riddence To

• Riding the park on a powder day

• Baseless bindings and cut-down noses

• Pros wearing Hot Chillys

• Cant plates

Fresh And Tasty magazine. Whoops! Someone's bringing that one back

What We'll Miss Most About The 90s

• Sorrels with ski-boot liners

• Neon–at least there're the Forum bindings

• Asymetrical boards

• The Op Pro

• Checker Pig snowboards

Blunt magazine