MT. BACHELOR, OR — Under a brilliant blue sky on Saturday, Mike Jacoby (Hood River, OR) won his second World Cup overall snowboard title at the World Cup finals at Mt. Bachelor, OR. The World Cup overall title, which is indicative of overall excellence in the alpine events, was awarded at the conclusion of Saturday’s parallel slalom competition.

“I feel really good about this,” said Jacoby. “The overall title is a really hard accomplishment to achieve. You have to have consistency in everything all year. I’ve had an excellent year this year, and I’m looking forward to the Olympics in ’98 — hopefully I’ll be there to do the same kind of work. And who knows, maybe even Salt Lake City in 2002 again!”

Manuel Mendoza (Whitefish, MT) captured the top U.S. finish in the head-to-head- format parallel slalom Saturday, finishing seventh. “I just tried to ride my hardest,” said Mendoza. “My goal for this race was just to get top eight — I’ve usually been ousted in the final 16 rounds. But I was able to do that, and I’m happy.

“You definitely have to ride very smooth, especially with the competitors here,” said Mendoza. “One mistake and you’re out of it. So you’ve got to stay on top of it, ride the ruts and try to be as fast as possible.”

Saturday’s parallel slalom winners for the men and women were Maxence Idesheim of France and Marion Posch of Italy. Sondra Van Ert (Ketchum, ID) had the top U.S. finish for the women, placing 14th.

The Grundig FIS Snowboard World Cup Finals conclude on Sunday with the men and women’s halfpipe. The World Cup halfpipe titles for men and women will also be awarded on Sunday.

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World Cup Snowboard

Parallel SlalomMt. Bachelor, OR, Sat., March 16Men:1. Maxence Idesheim, FRA2. Peter Pichler, ITA3. Stefan Kaltschutz, AUT4. Dieter Moherndl, GER5. Ivo Rudiferia, ITA

U.S. RIDERS7. Manuel Mendoza, Whitefish, MT11. Tom O’Brien, Salt Lake City, UT13. Anton Pogue, Hood River, OR14. Rob Berney, Whitefish, MT20. Bill Enos, Waterville Valley, NH21. Tom Lyman, Whitefish, MT22. Steve Persons, Whitefish, MT32. Peter Rubincam, Sun Valley, ID35. Nathan Galpin, Ketchum, ID37. Dave Daluiso, Ketchum, ID38. Ryan Mullen, Camton, NH40. Christ Anderson, Eugene, OR41. MIke Grasso, Waterville Valley, NH43. Mike Jacoby, Hood River, OR

DNFDon Nyberg, Squaw Valley, CADSQAntonio Davila, Flagstaff, AR.

Women:1. Marion Posch, ITA2. Dorothee Fournier, FRA3. Dagmar Mair U.D. Eggen, ITA4. Heidi Renoth, GER5. Marcella Boerma, NED

U.S. RIDERS14. Sondra Van Ert, Ketchum, ID16. Lynn Ott, Bend, OR18. Erin O’Mally, Mammoth Lakes, CA20. Jeanne Pogue, Hood River, OR22. Kim Vandersyde, Squaw Valley, CA25. Anita Tsuchiya26. Susan Connolly, Copper Mountain, CO27. Jennifer Hicks, Mammoth Lakes, CA28. Maria Bruno, South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Grundig Snowboard World Cup StandingsSlalom – Parallel Slalom FinalMen1. Peter Pichler, ITA, 63202. Stefan Kaltschutz, AUT, 62103. Maxence Idesheim, FRA54804. Dieter Moherndl, GER, 51605. Ulf Maard, SWE, 5110

U.S. RIDERS11. Mike Jacoby, 402012. Manuel Mendoza, 358015. Tom O’Brien, 227416. Steve Persons, 212021. Jeff Greenwood, Granby, CT, 185222. Anton Pogue, 176631. Antonio Davila, 87832. Bill Enos, 86435. Rob Berney, 65937. Tom Lyman, 44349. Dave Lewis, 22853. Don Nyberg, 16659. Nathan Galpin, 12262. Rob Kingwill, Jackson, WY71. Christ Anderson, 5177. Peter Rubincam, 3679. Ryan Mullen, 3483. Dave Daluiso, 2792T. Mike Grasso, 14.

Women1. Karine Ruby, FRA, 102002. Marcella Boerma, NED, 55903. Manuela Riegler, AUT, 55604. Marion Posch, ITA, 52905. Birgit Herbert, AUT, 5290

U.S. RIDERS9. Stacia Hookom, Edwards, CO, 458614. Sondra Van Ert, 339016. Lynn Ott, 197020. Erin O’Mally, 131025. Ashley Rice, Santa Ynez, CA, 64029. Jeanne Pogue, 50033. Jennifer Hicks, 38541. Maria Bruno, 23044. Kim Vandersyde, 22045. Susan Connolly, 19050. Anita Tsuchiya, 10561. Heidi Calkins, 36.

Overall FinalMen1. Mike Jacoby, 1243.232. Stefan Kaltschutz, AUT, 956.773. Thedo Remmelink, NED, 895.864. Harald Walder, AUT, 895.455 Peter Pechhacker, AUT, 823.94

OTHER U.S. RIDERS12. Jeff Greenwood, 511.6914. Manuel Mendoza, 468.7518. Bill Enos, 388.5519. Tom Lyman, 381.3821. Steve Persons, 335.1724. Rob Berney, 278.5825, Tom O’Brien, 267.9530. Anton Pogue, 204.4438. Antonio Davila, 139.8248. Dave Lewis, 42.7362. Don Nyberg, 15.0963. Nathan Galpin, 14.5367. Rob Kingwill, 10.5674. Ryan Mullen, 9.3177. Christ Anderson, 7.6484. Peter Rubincam, 4.8393T. Dave Daluiso, 2.4595. Mike Grasso, 2.27.

Women1. Karine Ruby, FRA, 1760.602. Manuela Riegler, 1024.343. Birgit Herbert, AUT, 537.784. Marion Posch, ITA, 893.135. Heidi Renoth, GER, 886.36

U.S. RIDERS6. Sondra Van Ert, 884.8514. Stacia Hookom, 608.6916. Lynn Ott, 442.4220. Erin O’Mally, 216.8726. Ashley Rice, 107.0734. Jennifer Hicks, 64.1136. Jeanne Pogue, 52.1243. Susan Connolly, 39.4945. Kim Vandersyde, 37.78.