Mike Burton Stomps the 2nd Annual K5 Magic Carpet Slide

Winter is coming, it’s so close you can almost taste it, feel it and you know that soon you will be shredding it but the wait it driving you nuts. Since winter never seems to come fast enough, K 5, a shop in the San Diego area threw a contest in the parking lot of its Poway store. Last year it was held at the Encinitas store. It is hard to think of a better way to kick off the 04/05 season than by reducing prices, building “Mt Poway and offering up 1k so pros provide action for the fans. The hubba ledge and “hill were built atop the top of a flatbed trailer. The snow consisted of ice blocks thrown into a device similar to a wood chipper to create snow. Everyone had fun enjoying the rare San Diego snow.

A small vendor village was set up for fans to check out the latest product from companies like Billabong, Sessions, Dragon, Transworld Snowboarding and more. Several pros, including, Chris Englesman. Erin Comstock, JJ Thomas and Eddie Wall where on hand to watch the up and comers shred and sign autographs. Around 40 riders got two chances each to make it to a cut of 10. The top 10 then had a 30 minute jam session to show their stuff. There was so much buttering going on that even X Games announcer G.T. could not call out all the tricks. Guys like Cory Cronk, Brandon Johnson and Danny Williams all put in fine efforts but after the 30 minute jam 4 top contenders were given one last run. The crowd’s applause level determined the eventual winner.

Joe Eddy made the final four just by being so damn smooth during the jam, he negotiated the ledge with the same effort it would take you to hit the remote of your TV. Joe Eddy bailed his last run so he was out of contention for the money. During the 30 minute jam Scott Blum was going the biggest by far; he made the top 4 simply by being the most agro. A bail during the final kept Scott out of the top spot too. I guess you could say that Joe and Scott tied for 3rd. Eleven year old Tyler Flanagan ripped a sick nose press to butter something (missed the exact combo) on his last run. Mike Burton pulled a nose press to tail press for his last run that was pretty damn solid. It ended up being basically a tie between Tyler and Mike but Mike got slightly more applause and was determined the victor. Being a good sport Mike Burton gave up half his prize to little Tyler. The crowd was very stoked on Mike’s sportsmanship and it just goes to show you that Snowboarding can unite. A chaotic product toss (which included a Her Vaughnster snowboard) ensued. After that everyone started to disperse but make no mistake, it was a fun event for all.

Oh, and by the way the name K 5 come from how many Kilometers the original store was from Moonlight beach. Now that you have read about some early season shredding go wax up your board and pray to the snow gods, you know it’s gonna dump all over this year, be ready.