Mike Basich Joins Arbor Team

Pacific Palisades, CA (February 15, 2002) — Arbor is proud to announce the latest addition to its extended family ¿ Mike Basich. Mike joins Morgan Lafonte, John Griber, Jason Schutz, and Chuck Patterson on the Arbor Ambassador Team.

From his first day riding in galoshes to top ten finishes in virtually every major snowboarding event, Mike has always remained true to himself. He avoids the trend-driven aspects of the sport and has always done things in his own way. Mike is home in the park and pipe, and despite his competitive credentials he remains most passionate about the backcountry and the pursuit of bigger air. Mike creates opportunity wherever he goes. From running his own clothing company to traveling the world, Mike has accomplished more than most of us would ever dream.

Weary of snowboarding’s increasingly corporate inner workings, Mike has chosen to ride for Arbor because this small, roots-driven business remains passionately focused on the riding experience, building the best possible boards, and preserving natural resources, period. “Riding for Arbor allows me freedom of thought and freedom of choice, it’s a perfect fit.”

With a background in woodworking, Mike was immediately interested in Arbor’s use of organic components such as bamboo struts, cork stringers, diamond wood rails, and wood veneer topsheets. He immediately linked with the company’s commitment to using renewable resources.

Arbor’s Bob Carlson notes that “Mike’s interests match ours perfectly, what drives him drives us, he will not only be riding our boards, he will help create them.”

Mike identifies with and respects the fragility of nature. “When I first saw the Arbor boards, I was attracted to their beauty and strength. The people at Arbor understand why I love to ride. They let me be an individual, not just another guy on a snowboard. I like doing new things all the time, and Arbor’s progressive vision in terms of materials, design, and a commitment to the environment caught my attention and drew me in.”

After several years in the Salt Lake and Tahoe areas, Mike decided he needed to seek less populated mountain zones. Last year, he sold his house, packed a few things into a Ford van and took off. “I wanted to be free of responsibility, I want to do what feels right.” He now travels the west coast, spending as much time as possible in the wilderness, in the company of the mountains and a few stalwart friends. He knows that time is short, and therefore should be used wisely, to follow your dreams.