Mike Basich Designs Snowboards To Promote Awareness

Last summer professional snowboarder Mike Basich had ideas for a snowboard. Unfortunately, the longtime rider had no board sponsor, so he funded the project himself. Basich felt that there were too many young boarders being caught in avalanches, getting lost building kickers on the side of the road, and not being aware of their surroundings. It's in his opinion that kids were buying boards and not getting enough information to guide them in the mountains.

As a result, Basich decided to make a board that promoted both his clothing company (241) and mountain safety. Aptly named The Survivor Series, each board has various safety features that include: compass, a thermometer, a sundial, and most importantly, informative graphics about avalanches.

“I wanted to do a graphic-useful snowboard,” says Basich. “Features like the compass can provide direction to a north-facing hill for the best conditions.”

Originally planned as a sample run to promote the company, he's wating to see the response for next year, which so far has been good. The boards are available in 155 and 162 cm. Topsheets are the same with different bases. For more information on the limited edition 241 Survivor Series call (916) 966-2410.