Michalchuk Announces Video Project

Master of bird calls, handstands, and all sorts of hard-to-imagine mischief, Mike Michalchuck is back in action and working on a new video project. I cornered him in Chile (not hard in our close-quarters condo), and here’s what he would let out the bag.

What’s the idea behind your video?

Snowboarding videos have yet to be a little more personalized, and I think that’s what people would like to see. They’re too focused on the tricks and not the riders behind the tricks.

Is there a story line or is it just riding?

There’s totally going to be a story line, really comical. You can see some good riding, you’ll be laughing, but there’s also a plot to it so you can follow along. I’ve had a year to think about it. I thought about doing it before, but I got hurt. I think it’s a good way to come back¿make up for some lost time.

How will it be different from Terje’s videos?

It’s going to be more personal and insightful. Lots of crazy lifestyle stuff that we capture during the year. We’re going to try to be more creative with the shooting. It’s going to be more like a thirty minute commercial, in that commercials and music videos are the cutting edge in filming and editing. We’re not shooting snowboarding just to shoot snowboarding. Every shot is going to be unique. It’s really thought out.

How’d you end up with Jorli Ricker filming it?

We’ve worked together for a few years. He’s one of the most competent and innovative cinematographers out there. We did Momentum and Freedom together.

Do you have a name for the video yet?

Not yet. We’re still trying to figure it out. It could be something to do with my name.

What other riders will be in it?

We don’t have the names of who we want in it yet. Work ethic is important, and people you get stoked to ride with. Because it’s going to be kind of a documentary, it’ll be whoever I cross paths with, and guys that are cool to work with.

Where are you going to film?

Everywhere the snow is good. We’ll be doing lots in the Whistler backcountry.

What about music?

It’s going to be whatever we want. We’ve got Mix Master Mike Beastie Boys lined up. I met with him in L.A. and he seemed stoked to do stuff.

What about Kingwill’s boy band I swear, Rob was made for it?

Kingwill: We’ve got the moves, we’ve got everything. We’re going to be pulling mad tricks and mad chicks, yo. Because we’re a bunch of shredders.

Michalchuck: I’ll be the first one never to go to that concert.

Jorli: I think we’re just going to use Britney Spears for the whole soundtrack.

When will it come out?

Probably next fall. Around this time next year, when all the videos come out.