MGT Final Exam: It’s An Oral

All in session for the MGT Academy! MGT Snowboard Camp has created a program that places a rider on a fast(er) track to a snowboard career by choosing 1 promising MGT camper and placing them under the tutorial wing of the MGT pro coaches to get a head start on pursuing a snowboard career in 2010. This year, 5 extraordinary campers have successfully made the Honor Roll by calculating the square root of a cab 540 and applying the molecular formula of 2 parts dedication and 2 parts raw talent. Or something like that. Now it¹s down to the final exam. The final exam is an oral; a conversation between pro and am to explore each other¹s craniums. The first of 5 interviews kicks off with pro rider Marie-France Roy and Academy nominee Marie-Andree Racine. We have a rule here at MGT and it¹s that hyphenated names go together with
hyphenated names, okay! Marie-France Roy has won many things in her career, most recently the 2009 Female Video Part of the Year and 2008 Female Rider/VideoPart/Readers Choice of the Year. She has won over
many hearts too with her wit and wickedness. Who will win over the next crop of hearts and the 1st MGT Academy? Could it be Marie-Andree Racine?

This ones all about touching the sky. You just might, MAR !

MFR: First off, can you tell us a bit about you and your story? Where you from, when did you start snowboarding, how old are you, what stokes you out in snowboarding…?
MAR: Ok so to start, I’m Marie, I was born in a little town named Hebertville, in Quebec! I started snowboarding when I was 12, so 8 years ago, I¹m now 20 years old! I’m actually really stoked on
snowboarding right now! I love everything about it! I love riding with friends, I love stomping new tricks, I love meeting new friends from snowboarding, I love how stinky my boots are when I take them off (that
means I had a good and long day lol), I love riding in the sun, I also love rainy days when there’s nobody on the hills but us, we can do soo many laps then! I just love it!

MFR: Who or and what inspires you?
MAR: It’s hard to say, I¹m inspired by a lot of things but I think what inspires me the most are snowboarders. I love looking at snowboard mags, there is some crazy stuff in there! I also really like taking pictures, that inspires me a lot too!

Academy nominee Marie-Andree Rancine drawing inspiration from the other
Marie’s mad rail skills.

MFR: What are your dreams?
MAR: Well I actually don¹t have any particular dreams, my first dream was to come to Whistler and snowboard and I¹ve already done that! All I really want now is to travel a lot, try to discover all the
beauty from everywhere in the world! Have fun with everything I’m doing and have lots of good memories!

MFR: If you could be any of the pro snowboarders out there, who would it be?
MAR: I would love to have LNP style on rails, Travis Rice style on jumps, Victoria Jealous style in riding powder and Danny Kass style in the half pipe. But I actually don¹t know who I would reaallly like to be…. I think I would like to be Andreas Wiig!! This guy is sick!

MFR: What else are you stoked on other than snowboarding?
MAR: I’m really stoked on life right now, this season was my best season ever, I¹ve been having the Best Day Ever pretty much every day! I really like everything I’m doing right now; snowboarding a lot, skateboarding, trying to surf, wakeboarding, biking! I¹m actually stoked on every outdoor activity! I’m in BEAUTIFUL BRITISH-COLUMBIA and I’m really enjoying it! Waking up every morning with the mountains and lakes all around! It’s soo pretty!

MFR: What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and grey when you
throw it away?
MAR: Is it CHARCOAL??? That’s all I could of think of…. lol

Between Borat, Nick Carter and Sylvester Stallone, who would you marry, who would you sleep with and who would you kill? Why?
MAR: Umm…. hard one! I would definitely sleep with Sylvester Stallone, who never dreamed about Rambo…. lol. Probably marry Borat cause is sooo funny and has a sick moustache!! And that leaves Nick Carter, Backstreet Boys, how gay is that!

Would you rather find true love or win one million dollars? Why?
MAR: I would definitely rather find the true love! So I know I will have a good life and be happy! You¹re always happy when you’re with someone you really love. Money would be great too but you will only be happy for a while. Money always comes with some problems and some fight and stuff! I¹d rather be poor and with someone I love then be rich and not happy!

MFR: Good luck girl!