Methodmag is a video magazine that’s been in Europe for several years (think 411 for European snowboarding). Now, the owners have decided to turn the video magazine into a print magazine. SNOWboarding Business caught up with the creative director, Drew Stevenson, to find out more with the new pan-European magazine group.

SNOWboarding Business: What’s the deal with the mag?

It’s to launch a paper magazine that will feature the same content as Methodmag Videomagazine, which will be covermounted in DVD format each issue. In other words, content will be meshed.

SNOWboarding Business: Why did you decide to start it?

Personally, I come from a magazine background and it seemed not only logical, but a good idea. Magazines are about communicating information, whether they be paper of video. It now enables us to carry a *See, Read, Watch* experience. It adds another dimension to the product. You get to read about what you see, and watch what we write about, to work out if we are full of shit!

Europe is possibly the hardest market in the world to comprehend, but that’s what I’ve been doing for the past ten years. The chance to work with a group of my best friends like Patrick Armbruster and Vincent Skoglund was also a really big factor. Our team is dope, the challenge is big. We’re stoked to get on with it.

SNOWboarding Business: Is it going to be Pan-European?

Truly Pan-European with Method DVD/MAG (paper) and Methodmag DVD. It’ll come in three languages: English, German, and French. We have been distributing Methodmag in the past in Japan and South Korea, which we will continue to do, but Europe is what we know.

SNOWboarding Business: How many issues will you publish in a year?

Four issues. August 25th, October, December, and February.

SNOWboarding Business: What’s going to be the focus?

Snowboarding. Obviously, there will be a heavy slant toward the European scene, which is massive. It’s compounded by each scene being totally individual with it’s own style, culture, and language. That’s already a serious translation challenge, just to bring what is happening to a point. It won’t be exclusively that though.

Snowboarding, and the board sports, have created a global family. We will cover that as well. But if you want the low down on what’s happening in Europe, we aim to provide it. What’s going on, where it’s happening, and who’s doing it the best.

SNOWboarding Business: Who’s your competition?

Rollerblading and kite surfing I suppose. We’re our own competition as we no longer class ourselves as a videomagazine, nor as simply a magazine. While other publications may carry DVDs, the content is usually independant of the content of the magazine. It’s sort of a unique product.

SNOWboarding Business: Are you going after Onboard?

Imbored? No, who are they? Seriously, having been the original editor of Onboard for seven years, I know them well. They’re the only snow-focused Pan-European publication until now. In that sense, yes. But competition is good, keeps everyone on their toes and offers people a choice. A concept developed by you Americans, I believe. Bring it on, I say.

SNOWboarding Business: How does having the video magazine help out with the consumer print magazine?

In making it, not at all. In fact, it’s a logistical and organizational nightmare. But if you get it right, you will be able to read the interview and then listen and watch the rider saying it. So many mags run epic single-shot tricks. But did they land it?

Coming from magazines, then moving into video, it was always annoying to have no landed trick from a session, but to somehow see a single shot pop up in a magazine which looks amazingly as if it was the same rider, the same day, the same kicker. Hmmmmm. Magazines are there to sell the dream. We sell reality.

SNOWboarding Bussiness: What are the advantages you get from having the video magazine and a consumer mag?

Don’t know yet, we haven’t released the first issue. But we believe it’s the most direct and comprehensive delivery of content. Even for advertisers, it enables static print advertizers to be animated into video commercials. Good for everyone.

SNOWboarding Business: Who owns it?

Methodmedia, the holding company, is owned by myself, Calle Eriksson, and Michael Schreij. Several members of our editorial team own shares in Method DVD/MAG and Methodmag DVD. Those who make it own it. The new economy, baby!

For more info, contact: Methodmedia Publishing AB, Kapuzinergasse 45, 6020, Innsbruck, Austria, Tel: +43 676 690 6794.