Mervin Launches New Lib Tech Skate Web Site

Mervin has rebuilt the Lib Tech Skate web site. The site is packed with new pictures and videos of our team. There is an animated tech page that explains our very unique board construction. For all of the new board graphics, sizes, shapes, team rider news and other info about Lib Skate Decks, go to:, New website features include team skate tours, contest results, and global as well as local skateboarding events.

“My goal for is to make it the best skateboard site online,” said Trevor Phillips, Web Designer for Mervin Mfg. “We’re going to do that by giving the online users what they want; a fast loading site that is entertaining and interactive while educating skateboarders about our product, team, and current skateboarding events.”

Libskates Sales Manager, Rich Merlino had this to say: “Keep your eyes on the site as it will be at the cutting edge of web design, just like our skateboards are at the forefront of skateboard construction. We are looking to the future and we intend to dominate!”

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