Mervin Launches Gnu Snowskateboard at SIA

After spending months throughout the spring and summer testing “bi-deck” snowskate designs, Mike Olsen, co-founder of Mervin Mfg. and a posse of Mervin employees, have tweaked the snowskate as we know it into a design that actually works.

Design testing took place in an undisclosed location with year-round snow cover, miles away from the prying eyes at Mt Hood. Not only does this new design work, but it performs better than anyone thought a snowskate could.

“This board gives us the feeling we were looking for back in the very beginning of snowboarding. It really feels more like skating and surfing than it does snowboarding,” said Mike. The key to the board’s high performance is the Bent Metal trucks placement, which works in synergy with the flex of the ski. The board has been tested on snow in a wide variety of conditions causing the engineers to re-think snowskate design. Olsen and other testers have ridden everything from boilerplate to a few inches of fresh on slopes up to a black diamond level.

Greg Hughes, Mervin Sales Manager adds, “It sounds overly simplistic to say that our skate really works but it’s amazing how much better it performs than anything else out there”. “It has more of a snowboard construction complete with great graphics. And it’s waterproof. It sounds ridiculous when I say it but current models on the market are not. We thought it was a “no brainer” feature.”

Look for the Gnu Snowkateboard in two models; the Michigan at $179 retail and the Danny Kass Model for $199, at the Mervin booth at SIA booth # 2613. There will be limited numbers available for immediate delivery.

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