Mervin Hosts Bent Metal Maze Of Doom At SIA

In order to get the word out that Bent Metal Binders are the lightest, strongest bindings in the world, the marketing staff has executed a career long dream that Mike Olsen has had since the beginning. That dream becomes a reality at the SIA Show in Las Vegas, NV beginning 1/29 and wrapping up on 2/2/2002. Mervin Mfg. will host the Bent Metal Maze of Doom.

“It has been a dream of mine to have a booth so huge that we could fit an actual maze in it,” Mervin founder Mike Olsen said. “It will be a fun and scary way to turn people on the flavor of the Bent Metal Brand”. Deemed part fun-house, side show activity and haunted house thrill ride, people will have to find their way out of the maze while being able to view all of the Bent Metal Binders.

Mervin CO-founder Pete Saari had this to say; “We spent months working on the full scale model and found that the original design was too difficult for most people to walk through and find the way out. We decided on a design that was a little simpler so buyers could be challenged, but would be able to complete the maze and get on with their work. It’s going to be fun.”

Admission to the Bent Metal Maze of Doom will be free and open to everyone. Mervin Mfg. can be found at booth number 2613 at the SIA show. Mervin employees will be making a sweep of the maze everyday at the end of the show to make sure every visitor has made their way out. Don’t miss an opportunity to challenge yourself and stop by.

Mervin Mfg. builds and sells Lib Tech Snowboards, Gnu Snowboards; Snowskate boards boots, and bindings, Supernatural Snowboards and Bent Metal Binders. For more information and these products, please call 206-270-9792 or visit