Men’s World Superpipe Championships Postponed Due to Weather

The men’s contest at the first annual Superpipe World Championships was called off at 3:00 p.m. today after riders and organizers deliberated over a Velcro-slow flatbottom and strong winds. The fourteen-rider invitational event has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, February 23.

Sucker holes were few and far between, and the only hope for a break in weather was just the illusion of new yellow goggle lenses. Riders milled around?still hopeful?until it was finally decided that the pipe wasn?t in good enough condition to merit a contest of “World Championship” standards.

Palmer rider Andy Finch, who?s been slaughtering the U-tube of late, agreed the decision was a good thing. “Speed,” he said, was the main factor?riders weren?t into putting on a lame show even though mainstream media and spectators begged for it.

Elsewhere on the hill, badly needed snow piled up except for where blown off the slopes by much more than a breeze, and little slashes reaped faceshots along the edge of the park. Inside the competitor?s tent, environmentally wrong Styrofoam lunch trays lay in quiet juxtaposition to all-natural “Ingrid,” the Provo Brewery girl who signed posters and confirmed: There are plenty of things Utah ain?t got, but blondes aren?t one of them.

Check in tomorrow for more quotes from Finch, shots of “Ingrid,” and to see who lands on top of the Superpipe Championship heap. Here?s who will be in the show:

George Oakley, USA
Miikka Hast, Finland
Guillaume Morisset, Canada
Jan Michaelis, Germany
Elijah Teter, USA
Ricky Bower, USA
Halvor Lunn, Norway
Antti Autti, Finland
Andy Finch, USA
Gian Simmen, Switzerland
Markku Koski, Finland
Tommy Czeschin, USA
JJ Thomas, USA
Ross Powers, USA