Men's Video Part of the Year

It's been said that a good video part can cement one's legacy, and a great video part can act as the crown jewel in one's career, and these three riders can say both after their efforts last winter. Halldór, Bode and Mikkel are among the best on earth at what they do, and when their parts came out, it was never as evident. That's why we chose them as the nominees for Men's Video Part of the Year, and it's going to be a close race with all three deserving of the win. Now, it's just up to the voters to decide.

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Halldor Helgason // Saas Fee, Switzerland // PHOTO: Dominic Zimmermann

Halldór Helgason, Arcadia

In very simple words, Halldór Helgason had a batshit crazy winter. Spending his days filming for Arcadia, Halldór amassed a ton of footage that pushes the envelope for what's possible to do on a snowboard and this part will go down as one of his best ever. After a winter to remember (but the way in which Halldór parties, maybe not), the next question in his illustrious career is where in the hell can he take it now?

Bode Merrill // Quebec City // PHOTO: E-Stone

Bode Merrill, Pepper

It's arguable that just a few years ago, while filming for Absinthe, Bode Merrill completely rewrote the book on filming a part. Bode showed every pro snowboarder alive that gone are the days where just a good rail part or just a good backcountry part are the norm. He aims to do both, and he sets the standard very high. By incorporating a vast array of one-footers, Bode has separated himself from his peers in many ways while also gaining recognition by all fans of snowboarding by pushing the limits every time he straps in. In his latest part for Pepper, he proves it more than ever and baffles minds with a two-song opener that looks to be some of the best work he's ever done.

Mikkel Bang // Hokkaido, Japan // PHOTO: Rip Zinger

Mikkel Bang, Turbodojo

Over a decade ago, Mikkel Bang was riding alongside Olivier Gittler and Tommy Emmanuelson as a member of the Burton Smalls team. Well, Mikkel's all grown up now, and he's one of the best snowboarder who has ever dropped in. Last winter, Mikkel filmed with legendary lensman Justin Hostynek and his Absinthe Films crew, and Mikkel put out another stunner on the silver screen. When he's off-piste, Mikkel's on-board talents transcend and no other rider shows an innate ability to ride and land in powder quite like Mikkel.

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