Men's Rider of the Year

For a professional snowboarder, the Rider of the Year award is the most coveted of all. To win this category is to cement a legacy and catapult one's status to an elite level, and the three nominees listed below are all deserving of taking home the win, for various reasons. The voting will dictate the results but the jury is already in for these three, and they've concluded that these dudes had the winter of a lifetime.

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Halldor Helgason // Tahoe, CA // PHOTO: Ben Birk

Halldór Helgason

With an ender part in Arcadia, a Superpark standout award and magazine coverage the world over, Halldór Helgason had a winter for the record books. Halldór is as loose as he is calculated, as wild as he is controlled, and unbelievably talented while strapped in. All of those factors meld to make him one of the best snowboarders who has ever strapped in and last season, it all came together as he was consistently one of the most talked-about riders on earth, which in turn made him one of the frontrunners of this award.

Louif Paradis // Hokkaido, Japan // PHOTO: Oli Gagnon

Louif Paradis

Last winter, Louif Paradis embarked on a long-overdue movie project titled Beacon, in which he abandoned natural speed and took a new approach and direction to street snowboarding. The result culminated in what many are calling the movie of the new generation and much like other legendary biopics like 9191, Subjekt Haakonsen and Reckless Abandon, Beacon reflects not only Lou's riding, but his persona as well. If you haven't seen it, you must, in order to fully understand why Louif is in contention for Men's Rider of the Year. See it and believe.

Nicolas Mueller // Laax, Switzerland // PHOTO: Silvano Zeiter

Nicolas Müller

Nicolas Müller is the most veteran rider on this list, and for good reason. For well over a decade, Nico has been blowing minds, from the Swiss-cut superpipes of the early 2000s to the curtain drape spines of Alaska, Nicolas is one of the all-time greats; a first ballot Hall of Famer. Last winter, he put out Fruition, a biopic that symbolizes his riding and his life and he also spent most of his time filming for Turbodojo in which he proceeded to destroy everything in his path while inventing new tricks and new approaches to riding pow. IN true Nico fashion, he seemed to do it all once again and that's exactly why he's a contender for Men's Rider of the Year.

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