Men's Readers' Choice Presented by Toyota

Reader is a term that in this case also means watcher, scroller, downloader, and snowboard fanatic. It is those who pay attention to snowboarding. While the rest of Riders' Poll awards are decided by each nominee's peers in professional snowboarding, the Readers' Choice award is dictated by the fans, and you have decided that Halldór, Travis, and Marcus are the 2017 nominees for this prestigious award.

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Halldor Helgason // Tahoe // PHOTO: Ben Birk

Halldór Helgason

Halldór Helgason had one hell of a season. Creamy, is perhaps how he'd put it. Halldór shut down Arcadia with an ender segment that also garnered a Video Part of the Year nomination, landed a feature in TransWorld SNOWboarding with a cover to match, earned the Standout Award at Superpark for a monumental display of massive charging, and broke Instagram over and over with mind-melting trickery. Multiply all this, and it's not the least bit shocking that he made this list. As a reader, you didn't have a choice but to have read about Halldor this year. The wild man from Iceland was everywhere.

Travis Rice // Galena, BC // PHOTO: Andy Wright

Travis Rice

Rice is the biggest name in snowboarding today, and there's a reason. Travis' take on terrain has put him in a league of one. This past season was a diversion for the world's most renowned big mountain freestyler. After a decade spent working on multi-year projects that took him around the globe and back repeatedly, Rice decided to hunker down in British Columbia with a small crew and production team to put together a project called Depth Perception, which shuns some of the seriousness associated with his previous projects in favor of good ol' fashioned powder boardin'. The success of the project and the fact he's on this list are testament to the idea that there is more than one way to wow an audience.

Marcus Kleveland // Los Angeles, CA // PHOTO: Gabe L’Heureux

Marcus Kleveland

A professional snowboarder's job is to inspire, and Marcus Kleveland is a product of snowboarding's new digital generation, where inspiration often comes in the form of mesmerizing, bite-sized clips. But beyond his Instagram success, Kleveland's unique brand of stylish contortion has him popping up on prestigious podiums. This season he grabbed Gold and Silver in X Games Slopestyle and Big Air, respectively. Norway's legacy in snowboarding is long, and Kleveland is following in the footsteps of legends but bringing something to snowboarding's world stage that the audience hasn't seen before. This originality combined with freakish talent make Marcus one of the most memorable riders we've seen in some time.

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