A little background for those of you in the dark, MDPeople is a reunion team of Pierre Minhondo and Justin Eeles. The two originally hooked up to produce Neoproto. Justin went on to film for KidsKnow while Pierre cranked out the Neoproto hits. This year, the dudes are back together, bickering, figuring, coordinating, filming, and editing under the banner of Mack Dawg. Yes, you heard right, it’s a second Mack Dawg quality movie.

Justin and Shaun McKay checked in with us from “downtown” Whistler. They arrived with snowmobiles in tow, clocking miles on the mellow drive from Tahoe to Whistler at the first sign of a Canadian clearing on the weather Widget. Pat McCarthy got kidnapped from his cabin in Glacier, Washington, and Etienne Gilbert’s place in Whistler proceeded to get crashed for the next week.

The film crew headed out for the consecutive sunny powder days. If you’ve ever hit Whistler resort when it’s good, it’s maybe the best place to be on this continent. The same is true of the Whistler backcountry. Unlike the backcountry spots down in the lower 48, Whistler’s main backcountry area links up to the Pemberton Ice Sheet, which is a whopping 25,000 acres-plenty of breathing room. Anyway, we’ll let the pictures do the talking, but check out People’s blogs at www.mdp-people.com –they’re throwin’ scraps for you.

The MDPeople crew consists of riders: Stephen Duke, Bryan Fox, Etienne Gilbert, Justin Hebbel, Nima Jalali, Jon Kooley, Pat McCarthy, Shaun McKay, Jordan Mendenhall, Josh Mills, Mitch Nelson, Marius Otterstad, Robbie Sell, Jussi Tarvainen, Curtis Woodman, and Ryan Thompson, in locations as diverse as the riders. The filmers are Pierre Minhondo, Justin Eeles, Corey Kaniniec, and Gabe L’Heureux.

Check out the slideshow of a day (or two) in the life of a film crew.