Portland, Oregon, September, 2001 ¿ Mark McCorkle has been named Worldwide Sales Manger of Millennium Three Snowboards, Chorus Snowboards and Premier Snowskates, taking the reins from existing Sales Manager and original founder of M3, Mark Miller. McCorkle brings with him an extensive, international track record in the snowboarding industry.

McCorkle joins the Portland-based trio of companies after two years as Vice President of Sales at Allian Snowboards, where he marshaled a worldwide sales force of reps and distributors. He will draw from this experience, as well as his years as an overseas winter resort/event consultant and snowboard retailer, to maintain the strong sales records and unique individual images of Chorus, M3 and Premier.

Miller, who has been a driving force behind M3’s position as a leading specialty snowboard brand, felt that it was time to take the brands to the next level, which would have required him to relocate to Portland from his current residence in Orange County, Calif.

“I have flown around the world to promote M3 and fulfilled my dreams with this company,” said Miller. “My decision to leave was contingent upon finding the right person to maintain our progress and it was clear from our meetings with Mark McCorkle that he was that person. He just got it.”

“Leaving one rider-driven company for another makes my transition to M3 and Chorus a natural one,” said McCorkle. “A team can be a company’s best resource for product and marketing inspiration. If your riders are an influential force within the industry, you can pretty much bet they will be an accurate reflection of trends in the following season. The staff currently in-house at M3 and Chorus are a seasoned group who have got my back and will allow me to focus on helping my retailer’s sell-through.” He continued “Premier Snowskates has created an entirely new snow recreation discipline and a separate product category all together. I look forward to working closely with Andy Wolf in a product category that a lot of folks underestimated.”

“M3 is a concentrated, rider-driven company, and we were very particular in looking for someone to take over for Mark Miller,” said M3 brand manager, Denise Ransome. “With his years of experience in the industry and his sales skills, Mark McCorkle is the right guy to help us build upon our success, while maintaining our focus.”

M3 has produced and marketed premium snowboards since 1998. All M3 boards are designed with input from its team riders and are proudly manufactured at its own factory in the USA. Every M3 snowboard comes with an incredible two-year warranty. M3 snowboards will be available beginning in September at the finest specialty snowboarding and skateboarding shops around the world.

Customers may also call 1-800-305-4138 or log on to www.m-three.com for additional information on M3, its products, and its riders.

Chorus snowboards are built with women in mind, offering customized flex and shape with a strong focus on freestyle performance. Although each team rider worked with an artist to design a graphic to suit her personality, Chorus boards are not signature models. The team worked closely together to test, ride and collaborate on design of the entire line.

Chorus will offer snowboards in five lengths from 142cm-157cm and the boards will retail for approximately $399. The product will be sold at select specialty snowboarding stores worldwide beginning in September 2001.

Premier, the original snowskate manufacturer, launched in 1998. A snowskate, a board that is slightly wider and longer than a skateboard, is made of plastic with a channeled base for stability and tracking and a foam topsheet for grip. Snowskates combines the design, physics and feeling of skateboarding and snowboarding and are for use on snow-covered sled hills and golf courses, snowskate parks, or even right in the backyard. Premier Snowskates are currently available in specialty snow/skkate shops worldwide and in select mail-order catalogs.