Maxence Parrot is Crowned The Monster Shred Show’s 2013 Big Air Champ

Words and Photos: Natalie Langmann

Maxence Parrot is Crowned The Monster Shred Show's 2013 Big Air Champ

With a huge packed-out crowd in Whistler Village, moments after the Monster Shred Show's Big Air wrapped up, Maxence Parrot just shakes his newly bejeweled crowned head, grins, and says, "Whistler is nuts."

We couldn't agree more with him, as the crowds were literally chanting Parrot's name (pronounced Parr-o) the moment he threw down his Triple Cork 14 Mute in his first run in finals. In the best of two-run finals for this World Snowboard Tour's 5Star event, the 18-year-old was super stoked to land his Triple Cork first try.

"The jump was great - good speed and good air time, which wasn't easy with the rain," says Parrot. "Everyone was riding really great - the qualis were insane: everyone was doing 12s and Switch 12s, which I wasn't really expecting - and all the riders gave it what they have, so the finals were really good."

Judge Akaska Weisgarber agrees with Parrot, adding that this year's Big Air was the best Whistler contest by a long shot. "The guys were all throwing down in the qualifications - last year people got into the qualis with Backside 7s; this year, riders didn't get in with a 10."

Coming in second, Norwegian Kim Rune Hansen landed a Switch Double Cork 12 Mute grab, and rounding out the top three was American Justin Morgan with a Switch Backside Double Cork 12 Stalefish.

Nick Julius is the man. Just look at that style.

Now 15K richer, Parrot, who has also been wracking up wins throughout the tour this past season, just bought an Audi A4 one-week ago, and is going to drop some of his prize money on some sick 20-inch rims. However, before he can even think about ending his season off by cruising around with his new set of wheels back home in Quebec, the media hoopla was upon him, claiming that he had no choice but to send it at the bars tonight. Parrot obviously knows what's up: Whistler is truly nuts.


1.     Maxence Parrot 96.50 (CAN)

2.     Kim Rune Hansen 93.25 (NOR)

3.     Justin Morgan 90.25 (USA)

4.     Sage Kotsenburg 87.00 (USA)

5.     Matts Kulisek 80.25 (CAN)

6.     Carlos Gerber 79.25 (SUI)

7.     Emil Ulsletten 77.00 (NOR)

8.     Darcy Sharpe 62.50 (CAN)

9.     Eric Willett 23.25 (USA)

10.   Nicholas Julius 12.75 (USA)

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