On Saturday April 18, Montreal's Max Parrot rode away from the first Cab quadruple flip on Blackcomb, BC, Canada, just four days after Billy Morgan landed the first backside quadruple cork 1800 in Italy, making last week one of the biggest for plus-one progression in the history of snowboarding. We caught up with Max in Whistler to talk about haters, if he was bummed that Billy got the first quad, and what the tricks say about where snowboarding is going. —Gerhard Gross

Max, you just landed the first Cab quad flip. How long have you been thinking about that for? How did it all go down?

I've been thinking about the trick from a couple of months. I knew I had the skills to do it, and I wanted it to be done, so I called Monster and asked them if it would be possible to build the jump. I was supposed to start hitting the jump last Saturday and then we had trouble with insurance stuff so I didn't have a chance to hit it 'til [this] Saturday, which is the day I did the quad cork. The jump was perfect. I just did a couple Cab triple 12s and I knew it was big enough for the quad.

You really opened up after coming around on the last flip. Do you think you could have rotated more?

I don’t think I could have done more. I mean it was a pretty scary trick. I just wanted to spin as fast as possible four times. And then I would rather open up and spot the landing than just come around and eat shit. A couple other guys that are here wanted me to do it again on Sunday, and I was like, "There’s no way I want to do that trick again for now." It was a big step forward and I don’t think I need to do that trick again right now.

How big was the jump?   

Seventy-five feet.

Seventy-five feet, that’s it? How far did you go?

I landed pretty near the sweet spot, which is like 100 feet.

Were you bummed that Billy got the quad first, just a couple of days before?

Well if I would have gotten the jump before, like last Saturday, and if the weather would have been better, I for sure would have been the first one. It’s still a different quad, and I’m the first one with this, so I’m happy about it. I mean it’s not like a competition or anything. I’m really glad Billy did it, and he pushed the sport too. I’m not bummed that he got it first.

Max Parrot has more on his mind than just quad corks in the future. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Max Parrot has more in mind for the futre than just quad corks. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Some people are saying that they didn’t think that yours was a true 1620. What are you thoughts on that? It seemed more corked on the first flip, then straight back on the rest.

Yeah, that’s why I called it an underflip, and not cork, because it’s really underflipping and cork is more sideways. It is actually a 1620 if you count the backflip as a 360 and a 180, that comes around to 1620. This is how we’ve been calculating in contests for the past years. So I think it’s the right way to tell it.

Well I can understand the debate. It didn't seem like a full spinning cork.

Stale Sandbech, who did the first frontside triple 1260 two years ago called it underflip. I think it’s the same thing. There is less spin on that flip, so I think underflip is the better thing to say.

Are there any other quads you’re working on? I heard there’s a rumor you could try a different one?

Yeah, there are a lot of rumors, but I don’t think I’ll be trying any of those for now. I just really wanted to have the feeling of the quad and now it’s done. I just want to work on… I think there are two parts of snowboarding. There is technical stuff, and there is style. I think I’m pretty good at the technical stuff right now. But I want to push more over to the style ticks.

What kind of style tricks do you want to work on?

More perfection on my tricks, more pokes, more new grabs. I would love to innovate more in that part of it.

Did you see the story about the physicist talking about how many corks are possible?

Yeah, I just read a couple lines, saying we could go to six, six-and-a-half… I mean it could be possible. But I’m not thinking about that right now. I think it’s really far away. It’s maybe gonna happen in 10, 15 years. It’s too far of a trick to think about right now.

Every time someone does a new trick like this there's a lot of hate that comes out. What's your reaction?

Well, there will always be haters on anything I do, or anything others do. I did this for myself, not the others, so whatever they think, that’s fine. I just read a lot of comments in my [Instagram] post and there was like over 100 comments and in that there was maybe two of hate. It seems that my fans like what I do. So for that I’m stoked.

What do you think the quad cork says about where snowboarding is going—that it seems unattainable in some ways and we need to show snowboarding as more accessible?

I think for sure the technical tricks are pretty crazy, but the best way possible to keep people entertained in snowboarding is the stylish part. I still want to work on both parts, because I’m having a lot of fun and people still love when I push the sport, so I think it’s just good to split it fifty-fifty.

When do you think we'll see quads in competition?

I don’t think it’s going to come up now. First of all, the jumps in competition are always much smaller than the jump I used here for the quad. Personally, I think they should change formats in contests, more towards style, more than always the same runs, and the same tricks. But I don’t think [the quad] will come up right now. It probably will one day, at like X Games Big Air.

Do you think that the slopestyle courses with just three rails and three jumps force you to do some of the bigger corks? If you had a more creative course, would you ride differently?

For sure, if you only get two or three jumps, then you’re pretty much obligated to do at least one triple cork to get into the final or podium. For sure contests with five jumps, 10 jumps, some hips, some different rails would be really cool and it should another way of snowboarding.

What’s next?

I’m going to go home a bit and relax. And this season I hired a filmer. He's not gonna film everything, but he’s gonna start making more edits. So that’s what I want to start focusing on more.

(Check out the comment from our ex-web editor Hondo in this post. He called Max landing the quad back in January.)