Max Parrot corks his way into slopestyle gold at X Games 2014

Max Parrot Corks His Way Into Slopestyle Gold at X Games 2014


Photos: Chris Wellhausen

Hot damn! What an insane slopestyle contest! After watching a contest of strictly American riders at Mammoth last week, it was pretty refreshing to have  the international field back in the mix. We don’t know what’s in the water in Norway and Canada, but whatever it is it’s producing some crazy slopestyle riders. In fact there was only one American in the finals, and that was Chas Guldemond. While he rode his ass off, and killed it, he only ended up in fifth place.

The main contenders in today’s contest were the Canadians Max Parrot and Mark McMorris, and the Norwegians Stale Sandbech, Alek Oestreng, and Torstein Horgmo. They all were shredding so hard. Alek Oesterang has some of, if not the best style in slopestyle snowboarding. It’s so unique and cool, and not forced. It’s really nice to see. He ended up in fourth place by doing a sick double backside rodeo and an insane backside 1260 to end his run.

Stale Sandbech ended up in third place by spinning in all four directions. The fact that Stale can doubles, and even triples all four ways shows just how good he really is. His last backside triple with an indy was one of the raddest tricks of the entire day.

Stale’s Run:

Interview with Stale:

The biggest story of the day however is the slam that Mark McMorris took on his third and final run. As he was coming through the rail section he clipped his nose on the tall rail and went down hard. He was the last rider to go, and was sitting in second place behind Max Parrot. It was a heavy crash, and we send out well wishes towards Mark.

Mark’s Run:

Mark’s Slam:

At the end of the day it was Max Parrot who was crowned the winner. He started it off really heavy with a hard-way backside 450 onto the rail, and didn’t stop until he was at the bottom of the course. His run featured two double corks, and two triple corks. It was insane.

Max’s Run:

Interview with Max:

Today at X Games 2014 we all witnessed something. We witnessed slopestyle snowboarding almost hitting its peak. How much further can it really go when dudes are doing two double corks, and two triple corks in a run? A run with four triples? But is that where it should be going? We don’t know the answer (well we might, but we aren’t saying it here.) Maybe no one does, but it’s an interesting situation that’s unfolding right in front of our eyes.

Interview with Torstein Horgmo:

Full Results here:

1 Max Parrot R94.00 R40.00 R96.33 96.33
2 Mark McMorris R66.66 R95.66 R10.00 95.66
3 Ståle Sandbech R11.33 R35.33 R90.00 90.00
4 Aleksander Oestreng R11.66 R10.00 R70.33 70.33
5 Chas Guldemond R51.00 R60.00 R59.66 60.00
6 Torstein Horgmo R33.33 R41.00 R46.33 46.33
7 Sebastien Toutant R19.66 R14.66 R17.66 19.66
8 Emil Ulsletten R14.33 R14.33 R17.33 17.33

Your X Games 2014 men’s slope podium from left to right: Mark McMorris (missing), Max Parrot, and Stale Sandbech. PHOTO: Frode Sandbech.

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