Back to Back Golds for Norendal; Second Win of the Week for McMorris

Men’s and women’s slopestyle finals popped off Sunday as the last snowboard event for Winter X Games 15. The contest was the scene of super progressive shredding despite questionable judging in both fields.

Mark McMorris’s Winning Run

Mark McMorris edged out Stale Sandbech by one point to take win and the coveted X Games gold. This was McMorris’s second win of the weekend and second time he doubled up on golds at X Games. McMorris is no stranger to the X Game podium as he’s stood on it every year he’s competed since his first showing in 2011.

McMorris’s technical rail switch ups including a back hard way 270 on and off the GoPro rail feature, helped elevate his score and boosted him into first.

Stale Sandbech’s Second Place Run

Stale Sandbech rode super strong all day and many thought his jumps were more technical than McMorris’s. Check out both of their runs side by side here.

Sven Thorgren’s Third Place Run

Rounding out the men’s podium was Sven Thorgren who earned third with his first run which included a massive 1440 on the bottom jump.

On the women’s side of things, Silje Norendal claimed her second X Games gold, and defended her top spot on the podium. The Norwegian bombshell bumped Jamie Anderson into second with her final run that was chock full of clean and stylish rail tricks and flawless spins.

Silje Norendal’s Winning Run

Anderson took a heavy spill in practice and was visible shaken up from the experience early in the contest. She shook it off, and stylishly rode her way to second.

Jamie Anderson’s Silver Medal Run

A newbie to X Games, Christy Prior made a strong first showing and rounded out the podium.

Christy Prior’s Third Place Run

Spencer O’Brien made personal history today by landing a backside 900. This was the first time Spencer has landed that trick in a contest. Despite pushing the progression of women’s riding and earning this accolade, O’Brien placed fourth.

Congrats to all the competitors for making it through the wild week. Winter X Games 15 is officially over and we out.

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