Mark McMorris and Spencer O’Brien win Slope at Burton US Open in Vail Colorado

PHOTOS: Nick Hamilton and Aaron Blatt

Video: Justin Gunson

Words: Hondo

Mark McMorris and Spencer O’Brien win Slopestyle at the 31st Burton US Open in Vail Colorado

Man. You know when you’re really scared about something that you really shouldn’t be scared of? Like you have a date with a hot girl,and you work your self up, and over-think it, but then, at the end of the night, after you’re done smooching you realize that you had it in the bag the entire time. Well that’s exactly how it was going into this years Burton US Open at its new home in Vail, Colorado.

The Burton US Open had been an East Coast institution. Every year pros from all over the globe would make the trek to Stratton, Vermont and ride during icy, gnarly conditions. Well this year that changed. Now the Open is at its new home in Vail, Colorado. Today marked the first finals from Vail, and we have to say, it was pretty sick.

The slope course was set up in pretty typical slope course fashion. There was a street rail set up into a big wallride that flowed into a small wallride which slowed down all the riders. After the walls it was an option to hit a down-flat-down rail, or a pole jam. The rails led right into three flowing big jumps. Riders were killing even though it snowed a foot the night before and it was still snowing. The snow didn’t slow everyone down, and the dudes that weren’t slowed down were the dudes who won. Some standouts from the event were Jamie Nicholls riding really well and landing in 5th place, Max Parrot powering through all of the jumps, and Sage Kotsenburg‘s crazy tweaks on his backside double cork.

Mark McMorris is your champ! PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

The top three guys of the day were Chas Guldemond in third place. He is so consistent, it’s awesome. Chas rules. Torstein Horgmo landed in second place, and he was the only guy to do a triple cork, which was crazy. He stomped the shit out of, it was really sick. But in the end of the day it was the new slopestyle golden child, Mark McMorris with the win. It’s really cool how he can make double corks look pretty stylish. Mark’s riding is good for snowboarding.

After the guys went, it was supposed to be the girls turn. But by that time the snow had been dumping pretty hard, making it impossible for the girls to go. So in order to get a winner, they just went from the results of semi-finals, giving Spencer O’Brien the win.

Men's US Open Slopestyle Final Results

1  Mark McMorris  CAN BURTON 83.05 80.25 38.70  83.05

2  Torstein Horgmo  NOR DC SHOE CO USA82.53 67.51 41.50  82.53

3  Chas Guldemond  USA ROCKSTAR 79.05 81.63 58.63  81.63

4  Piiroinen Peetu FIN NIKE 70.98 78.83 34.80  78.83

5  Nicholls Jamie GBR NIKE 71.23 78.16 58.98  78.16

6  Kadono Yuki JPN RIDE 29.30 72.85 31.45  72.85

7  Eric Willett  USA VANS 16.35 28.25 72.18  72.18

8  Sage Kotsenburg  USA NIKE 33.98 67.38 57.95  67.38

9  Maxence Parrot  CAN O`NEILL 67.20 67.00 48.28  67.20

10 Darcy Sharpe  CAN MONSTER 53.43 32.58 39.46  53.43

11 Ryan Stassel  USA BURTON 32.58 24.25 43.66  43.66

12 Stale Sandbech  NOR OAKLEY 23.50 20.43 34.85  34.85

Women's US Open Slope Final Results

1  Spencer  O´Brien CAN North Vancouver 25 NIKE  SF 75.33

2  Jamie Anderson USA South Lake Taho 22 BILLABONG  SF 74.88

3  Brooke Voigt  CAN Fort Mcmurray 19 32 SNWBRD BOOTS  SF 70.08

4  Sarka Pancochova CZE Uh. Brod 22 FLOW  SF 69.53

5  Christy Prior  NZL Auckland 24 BURTON  SF 63.53

6  Shelly Gotlieb  NZL Ohakune 22 BURTON  SF 62.00

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