Marco Pilotto Becomes A Snowboards’ Distributor

Through a long and varied association with A Snowboards’ founder Regis Rolland, Marco Pilotto¿himself a long-time industry veteran has been appointed North American distributor. Marco is able to bring an international and multi discipline credibility with his uniquely professional and personal approach.

Based in Monte Ste Anne, Quebec, thus making the French connection (well sort of) Marco will kick off an accelerated push into the North American market with a modest first-year expectation. Mr Pilotto will use the long-time business network of Canadian based HLL clothing to distribute through North America, coupled with the widespread Northwave/Drake framework of reps which A Snowboards uses as favoured partner status through most of Europe.

“The way we will tackle the important North American market will be from a base of low-stress but through a long-term vision. We aim to push against the likes of M3 and Sims over the long time frame,” said Mr Pilotto.

Continuing he stated: “A Snowboards is an incredibly popular brand, living on the margins between core and mainstream, which we will be expanding upon. To be able to position and continue this through the relaunch in the Americas will be an interesting and exciting proposition. We have an excellent and strong backup infrastructure with a long history second to none. I’m glad to be a part of it.”

A fresh and hungry A Snowboards will launch an expanded 56 board range for 2001/02 with a series of technical concepts and a new look approach. New knowledge based personnel is part of this approach. With the stability offered by the tie up with new parent company Rossignol the empthesis will be on quality, continuity and the steady building of dependable delivery.

In 1992 Marco founded his snowboard manufacturing plant Surf Pollitix before becoming a statistic of the worldwide oversupply of 1997. During the years ’94 to ’96 Surf Pollitix produced up to 19,000 A Snowboards per year for the world market, mainly Europe. Having worked with Jamie Salter in the early days of Kemper, Marco worked in Switzerland in ’98 to install Gen-X in Europe with Lamar. ’99/2000 saw Marco as International Sales Manager at Northwave in Italy before the pressure of extended separation from his family in Quebec caused him to pull the ripcord and get back to where it mattered.

He joined Canadian core brand HLL (Hors la Loi – translated as ‘Outlaw’) clothing in 2000 providing a spot of brand orientation. Maintaining a connection with Regis it was not long before this little scheme got off the ground which met with approval from Rossignol Group CEO Jacques Rodet, himself fresh from securing ex Burton (Vermont) Production Director Joe Segura to manage the Grand Chavin facility in the French Jura Mountains near Geneva.

With a new International team signing of hot property Etienne Tremblay for the Canadian/North American market plus the ‘schlock’ plucking of Youbi Ahmed to his rightful home, next season is going to get very exciting. They will join the existing international team of Axel Pauporte, David Vincent, Yannick Amevet, Max Perrotti, Jamie Baker, Serge Vitelli and Spanish female rider Zako. Interested big name North American pro riders who fancy a change should apply soon.

French based A Snowboards is the market leading French brand fronted by European pioneer Regis Rolland. A Snowboards is part of Grand Chavin Snowboards, a subsidiary since January 2000 of French snow giant Rossignol.

Regis Rolland had a North America presence initially manufacturing on the East Coast with his original brand Apocalypse, then at Surf Pollitix with A Snowboards. Regis received a Transworld Magazine lifetime achievement award in 1999 along with Terry Kidwell for contribution to the sport.

Further contact: Marco Pilotto at 418-822-3000 or in Europe: Valerie Blanc – International Communication & Marketing Goddess tel: + 33 (0)4 79 34 35 75. Fax: + 33 (0)4 79 34 35 84.