In this issue LNP has a Pro Spotlight interview where he talks about the decision to turn down his X Games Real Snow invite, Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss travel to Slovenia to meet up with Marko Grilc and explore the country’s emerging snowboard scene, and there’s the Occupy All Streets photo essay with the freshest images you can find in print, shot at the beginning of this season.  It’s all rounded out by a TWS Park Session at Sun Valley, Idaho with Blaze and Sage Kotsenburg, Eric Willett, Austin Hironaka, and Mason Aguirre.

Dan Brisse scored the cover with his first shot of the season captured by Andy Wright in Anchorage, Alaska while filming for X Games Real Street. Here’s what he had to say about it.

Beneath all the hair is a young man named Laurent. We could say he’s a boss or a beast or some other bullshit, but LNP is just a snowboarder. A hairy one. And he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

Point to Slovenia on a map of the world. Betcha five bucks you can’t find it. And neither could Ethan Deiss and Zak Hale before they got a call from their team manager at Burton telling them their flights were booked to the country’s capital at the end of February. Zak and Ethan hook up with Marko Grilc and explore Slovenia’s culture and shred scene via horse burgers and handrails.

Our takeover started slowly, over a decade ago, with a few baggy-panted rats on rickety drop-in ramps. But look at the streets of any city where the snow falls and you’ll find more and more of us scoping, setting up, dropping in. The movement only grows stronger.

Snowboarding is finally staking a claim in Sun Valley and it’s about damn time. Blaze and Sage Kotsenburg, Eric Willett, Austin Hironaka, and Mason Aguirre test out Sun Valley’s new Snow Park Technologies park.