Marc Frank Montoya’s Video Picks 2009

marc frank montoya by andy wright

Marco, steady earning. Photo: Andy Wright

MFM came thru yesterday. He’s seen and done it all. SLC to AK, over a decade deep. He is an authority. We talked about his new movie project, winter plans and then we got him to sound off on this year’s movies. Basically, who had the bangers? We went video by video and Marco called out the dudes with the best stuff. Here’s his list:

Hard To Earn: Dylan Thompson, Johnnie Paxson, and Jonah Owen.

Forum Forever: Peter Line and Stevie Bell.

Neverland: JP Solberg and Dan Brisse.

Black Winter: Mark Landvik and Lonnie Kauk.

Nice Try: Eiki Helgason.

Get Real: Devun Walsh, Eero Niemela, and Iikka Bäckström.

Videograss: Darrell Mathes.

So, these are Marco’s picks … what do you think?

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