Mammoth Mountain Opening Weekend Highlights and Gallery 2016

Mammoth's opening was exactly what a season kickoff should be, and it went off a bang, on-hill and off. Photo: Peter Morning
Despite a tire blowout on their way to Mammoth, the DC team was getting after it in the park. Rider: Brady Lem | Photo: Peter Morning
Much more than a white ribbon of death, pow pockets could be found around the mountain; you just had to search a bit. Photo: Dillion Lemarr
The TransWorld SNOWboarding crew rolled deep. Nick Hamilton, Adam Broderick and Justin Cafiero in the mobile office. Photo: Dillon Lemarr
The steep terrain accessible from Chair 23 was the scene of hot, hot laps throughout the weekend. Photo: Dillon Lemarr
TWSNOW's Justin Cafiero testing out the office legs. Photo: Dillon Lemarr
It's debatable as to what saw more action this weekend—this rail in the afternoon or the Mammoth Mountain Inn, late night. Jordan Morse, front blunt 270. Photo: Peter Morning.
Hot garbage? Rider: Brady Lem | Photo: Peter Morning
The cameras were out in full force, with dudes eagerly stacking early season footy. Rider: Jordan Morse | Photo: Peter Morning
Blue Moon: a terrible beer to celebrate an excellent weekend. Photo: Dillon Lemarr
Insight director Theo Muse to Dylan Alito: "We're sending it to flat tonight." Photo: Dillion Lemarr
Hi-fives are more fun on opening day. Nick Hamilton and Heather Hendricks at the end of a good day. Photo: Dillon Lemarr
For all the action happening on the mountain, there is an equal amount going on in the bar. PHOTO: Dillon Lemarr
Dylan Alito was performing baptisms in the hot tub before showing up primed for the Insight premiere. Photo: Dillon Lemarr
Who woke with the most opening weekend regrets? Tell us in the comments. Cheers to the start of the season; it's going to be a good winter. Photo: Dillon Lemarr

Snowboarders from across the Western half of the US packed cars, dusted off gear, broke out jackets, wiped off goggles and sent it to Mammoth Mountain for opening weekend. The first resort to open in California, Mammoth facilitated the stoke of thousands, as riders lapped top-to-bottom across a full spectrum of terrain.

Thanks to early season storms and cool temperatures, Mammoth opened with the gondola, Broadway lift, Chair 3, and Chair 23 all spinning. As the sun warmed the mountain, there was plenty of snow to sink an edge into, and the six-feature park setup saw relentless hiking and action.

"You can find some pockets of pow, and this weather is insane!" remarked Greg Bretz, Mammoth local and team rider, as he rode Chair 3 with Eddie Wall and Jaeger Bailey on one of his first runs of the season.

Rider: Jordan Morse | Photo: Peter Morning

A diverse lineup of riders were spotted throughout the weekend. Dylan Alito and Tyler Flanagan blasted sidehits. Torstein Horgmo, Iikka Backstrom, Justin Fronius, and Brady Lem hiked the park. Kimmy Fasani, Jaeger Bailey, Sage Kotsenburg, Hana Beaman, and Elena Hight hot-lapped.


"So much of the snowboarding industry is in Mammoth for opening weekend, so it’s a big family reunion," commented Eddie Wall about his 16th consecutive opening weekend at the resort.

"It’s like the first day of school, seeing everyone after summer break. But it's way better because there are parties instead of homework," said Eddie.

As much action as there was on-hill, an equivalent amount occurred in the village, as multiple parties popped off throughout the weekend. Absinthe's /fterForever played on Friday night in front of a hectic but hyped crowd at Sushi Rei, before Snowboarder’s Resolution, and Wildcats Never Die screened before Insight played at 53 Kitchen and Cocktails, closing out a stacked weekend. Almost. That was before the crowd made its way to Lakanuki, where the bar’s phonetical name—lack o’ nookie—was contrasted with a decent ratio on the dancefloor.

Dylan Alito was out in full force on Saturday night and set a rowdy tone that transcends time. Opening weekend has and will always be a celebration.

Thanks to Mammoth and everyone that came out to our Insight premiere– That was one hell of a weekend and the best way to kick off the season! Check out a couple of highlight edits below, and scope the action in the gallery above.

Eddie Wall, Jaeger Bailey and Greg Bretz Lapping Chair 3 on Facebook Live

Thanks to Mammoth Mountain, the Mammoth Mountain Inn, and 53 Kitchen and Cocktails for the awesome weekend. Here’s to the season!