Opening Day : Mammoth Mountain 2015-2016

Mammoth Mountain fired up their lifts on Thursday and became the first resort in California to open for the season. A big 'ole storm rolled through earlier in the week and dumped 30 inches of fresh, which, in conjunction with blowing snow, allowed the resort to open a full week earlier.

Mammoth Opening Day

No white strip of death; plenty of coverage for opening day.  Peter Morning/MMSA

Throngs of eager shred heads turned out for opening day shenanigans, which included hot lapping fresh cords, hi-fives, and cheers with multiple beers at the base. Starting tomorrow, Mammoth will be open top-to-bottom with the gondola providing access to the cornice bowl. Many are saying these were the best opening day conditions Mammoth has had in the past five years, but as we sit in SoCal with our board strapped to our feet, drooling over the sight of fresh snow, we’re not claiming anything.

Check out Mammoth’s opening day glory in the gallery above and be jealous with us.





Cheers to a solid start of  the season! Photo: Peter Morning/MMSA

Photos: Kevin Westenbarge and Peter Morning

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