Words and photos by Javier Silva

Mammoth Mountain closes for their second longest season in resort history right behind 94'-95' when the lifts stopped running on August 14th after opening early October. Riding Mammoth on the last day usually signifies the beginning of summer but this season was different, summer is almost over and the final laps just ended at the resort. In total Mammoth stayed open for about 270 days. This season will most definitely go down in the history books, not necessarily for being the second longest, but for the endless powder days with a total snow accumulation of 618′ inches.

In total there were two lifts open, Face Lift Express (Chair 3) and Chair 23. From Chair 3, Saddle Bowl was going off and 23 gave access to Cornice Bowl, or what was left of it. And although you had to take the gondola up to mid station and walk to Chair 3, nobody can complain about the small price for the extended season.

The usual last day shenanigans occurred. There was lots of booze, spraying, and plenty of skin. The park staff was kind enough to set up a couple of features for the park rats that made it out for closing day. We couldn't have asked for anything better, it was a perfect bluebird day and somehow the snow managed to hold itself together till the final run. After the lifts closed at noon, people made their way to the McCoy Station sundeck, the bar of choice. It's bittersweet to close the books on this season, but November 9th has already been announced for opening day of the 17'-18' season, so we guess we'll see you in a few months up at Mammoth!