Mammoth March Update

Snow has come to Mammoth. The month of February blessed Mammoth Mountain with over 100 inches of light and dry snow. The sight of every chute, cliff and ridge filled with powder sent riders into a frenzy of face shots and cliff drops. Park crews had a difficult time keeping up with all the snow but by the time the storms cleared, Unbound had the best park so far this season. After a couple year’s absence the middle jump in Main Park made a reappearance.This beautiful 75 footer boosts riders 20 feet over the deck into a silky smooth landing. For those preferring metal rather than air under their boards, the jib line offers up 8 jib features in a row in one run. Both 18 foot and 22 foot pipes are being cut nightly, and last week’s warm spell saw some heavy halfpipe action go down.

South Park’s setup has been nothing short of perfect. The recent snows allowed for 2 more jumps to be added to the existing four pack, as well as additions in “Jibs Galore, the Unbound’s all rail run. Warm temperatures have just added to the park madness, providing sculpted takeoff to slushy landings. It’s looking like a good start to our spring season. Check for updated daily pictures.