Night Train To Mammoth
Rumors of snow hit the office mid morning on Monday and a little talk of snow was that it took to get the crew got fired up for a seat on the night train to Mammoth Mountain. The winds were fierce and the roads were dark, but by the time we rolled into town it was full blown winter. Plows, white, snow, ice¬--it was on. We awoke to a couple more inches on top of the 8-14 inch base and pockets of pow were to be had. Rumor has it it's deep up top, but you'll have to come up and investigate for yourself when the upper mountain opens in a few days. A light winter gale was blowing a lot of snow around and snapped us into the feeling that winter is really here and it's time to get board wild.
There was a small crew out no doubt digging for every nook, cranny, stump and wind lip for a taste of that early season pop. E-jack and Sammy Luebke were diving into a couple chutes and chasing some early season steep before rallying the crew for some tree ollies. Cody Rosenthal, Harrison Gordon, Greg Bokencamp, Matty Mo and crew were seeking out that sweet pop and chasing stumps and cliffs in the woods. Tyler Flanagan ditched school and the Frends were in force as well. The mini shred is on and there's more fun here than you think. Rally to Mammoth and get your early shred on. – B.G.

Photos Joe Carlino