Mammoth Grand Prix Pipe Qualifiers, Stop Three

Scotty Lago. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Scotty Lago. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Danny Davis and Shaun White continued to dominate the men’s field in the windy Super Duper Pipe at Mammoth Mountain, California today. This third Grand Prix event of the season started under clear blue skies, but was swept up by windy conditions mid-morning. When riders like Scotty Lago were slinging it near the fifteen-foot mark, it got squirrely.

In the eight spots available for the ladies finals, Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter and Gretchen Bleiler filled the top three. Kelly consistently boosted, dropped her first crippler seven in a contest and plowed through the wind. Clair Bidez had some lofty airs and a consistent run to snag the fourth spot. Following her is a tight point battle between Holly Crawford, Ellery Hollingsworth and Elena Hight. Young Maddie Schaffrick took up the last spot into tomorrow’s finals.

Danny Davis laid down the leading run in the first heat. Dylan Bidez, who opted out of the last stop with an injured shoulder, finished right behind Davis. 2002 Olympic bronze medalist JJ Thomas upped his run to sneak in the fourth spot of the finals. The third place finalist in Wednesday’s final, Scotty Lago, had some of the largest airs of the day, but barely grabbed the last spot, tied with Dustin Craven, for the finals..

Shaun White pulled out the best run of the day that included a 1260 and double cork ten. It is pouring rain outside right now…might snow. The weather is supposed to be cloudy tomorrow, with a high of 44-and the competition might get a little stormy.

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Men’s Qualifiers

Shaun White, 45.8
Danny Davis, 45.20
Dylan Bidez, 43.10
JJ Thomas, 41.40
Elijah Teter, 41.30
Louie Vito, 40.80
Nathan Johnstone, 40.70
Zach Black, 39.60
Steve Fisher 39.50
Matt Ladley, 39.40
Mathieu Crepel, 38.30
Luke Mitrani, 38.20
Andy Finch, 38.0
Jack Mitrani, 37.90
Brad Martin, 37.20
Scotty Lago, 36.90

Women’s Qualifiers

Kelly Clark, 45.60
Hannah Teter, 44.00
Gretchen Bleiler, 41.30
Clair Bidez, 39.90
Holly Crawford, 38.90
Ellery Hollingsworth, 38.30
Elena Hight, 37.90
Madeline Shaffrick, 37.20