Mammoth April Update

Ah, April … birds are chirping, the grass in green and lush, romance is in the air and you’re local ski area is shutting down. Maybe it’s time to come visit Mammoth where the Unbound Park Crew is just prepping for the best time of our winter season. All eight park runs are in prime conditions. The jump line in South Park has perfectly manicured, salted takeoffs that send you into springtime slush landings. For all you jibbers, the all rail run Jibs Galore is going off and jib features are scattered around all our parks.

The Burton “Get Off On The Bus” Tour stopped by with Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis, Kevin Pierce and Luke and Jack Mitrani and proceeded to slaughter every jump, rail and log jib that was set up. Check out for the Burton RV tour pictures. Main Park is offering up the biggest jumps of the year. There couldn’t be a better place or a better time to come learn new tricks and hang with your favorite super pro.

The Flow team came to town to practice for the Team Challenge and to shoot pictures for their next year’s ads. These boys straight kill it. Anti Autti, Risto Mattila and Scotty Lago threw every spin known to man. Team manager Andrew Mutty even strapped in and chucked some spins over the large middle jump.

If you’ve ever thought of coming to Mammoth, check out the West Coast Invitational weekend May 4th-6th. Come see Danny Kass, Pat Moore and others in the 2nd Annual Vans Fiesta De La Pipa. Join the packed crowd in the village for the WCI Rail Jam and see if Lucas Magoon will keep winning, or if MFM or Travis Kennedy can put an end to his rail jam reign of terror. This is the ultimate Mammoth weekend with parties, snowmobile freestyle demos, and perfect late spring parks. Check or call 1-800-mammoth and ask for Spring-Fest lift and lodging packages starting at $97 per night.