E-mail has changed my life for the better. No more transcribing readers’ crappy snail mail. Aww, hell no, I jus’ cut and paste, son. So keep firing me your mail electronically-it’s easy, instantaneous, and you’re saving the trees. So there you go, now you’re a self-righteous e-mailing environmentalist-awesome.-Dresser


I picked up Derelictica this season, ’cause Eddie Wall rips shit up and he used to ride with a bunch of my boys back in PA (wolf pack, represent). Well, anyway, Andreas Wiig tore shit up in that video! I never really knew much about him, but he straight kills it. I read his TWS interview, and this dude is humble as hell-even though he stole the show in Derelictica. Why the hell doesn’t this cat have a sponsor for his shred stick?


via e-mail

Andreas has started a new board company called O-matic with Tara Dakides and Todd Richards. If you had read the interview in its entirety, you’d already know that! I guess you kids only look at the pictures. -Dresser

The Grindstone

I work in a ski and board shop selling, and mostly tuning, snowboards. I’ve been riding for around thirteen years, and I like to think of myself as someone educated in the snowboard world. That said, not all education is intended for the masses. Please, for the sake of board techs everywhere, stop giving editors’ tips to tuning! I get about five or six little middle school brats (who read TWS ’cause snowboarding is “cooler” than skiing) coming in and requesting specific bevels and waxes for their snowboards. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but most of these kids just yesterday grasped the concept of linking turns! They see wax, base rills, and bevels as a miracle cure to their suckyness. For the sake of my constant headaches, please at least cut back on the tuning information.


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Doesn’t it suck when you actually have to earn a living, Chris? Sorry for cutting into your “chill time,” buddy.-Dresser

MySpace Fun

My girl is a huge fan of Torah Bright and a member of To make a long story short, my girl thought she had become friends with Torah. One day she was instant messaging her, then “Torah” started getting all weird and perverted. My question is, what is with these people trying to act like other people? It’s so lame!

Jason Stern

via e-mail

Yeah, well, I bet she’s broin’ down with one of the twenty Danny Kasses on MySpace too, dude (haha)! Torah is a nice girl, but she’s way too busy to sit around on MySpace all day-think about it.-Dresser

Edge Of The Knife

I recently dented and kind of broke the metal toe-side edge between my two bindings. It’s bad enough that if I ride my board anymore, the edge will break off completely. Is there a way to repair a broken edge, or am I completely out of luck?

Parker Jones

Mos’ def’! A good shop can usually fix or replace a dinged or broken edge, no worries. If you have a board made with cap construction, it’s a bit more difficult and expensive-but it can be done. If you have a competent snowboard shop around, great. If not, bring it to a hard-core ski shop. Did I stutter? Yeah, I said ski shop, foo’! They live to get tech and fix edges and stuff.-Dresser

Yeah, Right

To all it may concern, I would like to subscribe to your magazine, but first I would like to get a free copy, because I don’t know the magazine yet. If I like it, I’ll subscribe. Best regards,

Tamas Szendroy

I’m very impressed with your formal-ass tone, brother Tamas. Lemme think, uhhh … no!-Dresser

Roof Drop Belly Flop

On our first snowfall this winter, my friends and I made a drop-off on the shed roof in my backyard. For the tranny, there was snow thrown on top of wooden blocks. I was strapped in on top of the roof, and the snow was so thin my edges were cutting into the shingles. I decided not to jump it. I was about to undo my bindings when I slipped and fell off the roof fully strapped in-and if you don’t think that hurts, try belly flopping off a roof onto frozen grass sometime. Lesson learned-wait for some snow to huck yourself off the roof.

Brendon Sinclair

I have done that before, and it really hurts. Luckily, I was very, very drunk at the time.-Dresser


What are the steps to get hooked in with Transworld? I would give anything to live my one life doing the shit you all do.

David Taylor

via e-mail

Easy: Go get sponsed, turn pro, get washed up, and take a desk at TransWorld. That’s how I did it.-Dresser

Ed From Ohio

I live in Ohio. Yes, Ohio, where in the February issue there was an article calling it a diamond in the rough for rails. I find this true because around here people look for anything and anywhere to shred. Like, I attempted to jump off my roof (which I didn’t land) and board down my neighborhood street. Because there are no real mountains around here, everything is crappy. Do you have any training tips, like how to spin faster and stuff? Other than snowboarding, I run track and play on the school football team.

Kevin De Franco

I find that running the hurdles always helps me land my backside 540s and 720s. You should also consider freestyle walking.-Dresser

Free Stuff

Dear Sir or Madam, I’ve been a loyal subscriber for years now, and I am very pleased with your magazine. I recently separated from the military, and upon my arrival at home, I started receiving other magazines I’ve never heard of. Normally they’re pornographic, so I just throw them away. I don’t know how I ended up on these lists, but I’m worried that my name may be on a rent or sell list. I am in no way saying that TransWorld is responsible. I’m simply writing to any magazines that may have me on a list and am formally requesting that if your company is renting or selling my name, please stop immediately.

Luke Stone

Free porn? Woohoo!!-Dresser

Pride Of Iowa

Thanks for all the coverage of the Midwest. I was wondering if you’re going to do an article on Iowa, though? Here in Iowa, we have one of the better resorts in the Midwest called Sundown and some pretty good street rails in Dubuque (where Sundown is located). We’ve also had a great snowboarder come from Dubuque named Korey McMahon.

Jake Schueller

You’ve forgotten Iowa’s snowboard MVP: CAPiTA front man, former pro shred, frat boy, and all-round good-times guy-the much beloved Blue Montgomery!-Dresser