Mail – November 2007

It’s Called “Inline”

I’ve been a rider and subscriber for the better part of twenty years. I never thought I’d see the day you can open a TW SNOW and make it 84 pages before seeing one photo of someone riding on a mountain (with the exception of two small ads). What has this sport come to? I had hoped that this ridiculous fascination with riding rails and the urban-based, mega-egos that go with it would have faded by now. This is a sport where you can be exposed to the most amazing scenery and environments that can truly evoke spiritual transcendence, yet you choose to show urban shots and rails. How about making a separate mag for the rail riders and all the “hardcore thugs” out there and getting back to snowboarding? You can call it TW SNOWblading.
I’m one of the many who believes it’s a disgrace to the environment we all ride in and our sport in general to install ugly, manmade rails on a mountain, and then hop (not ollie) onto it like a Rollerblader and call it snowboarding.

Bill More
via e-mail

Massive Kicker

I was wondering how long it takes to make one of those massive kickers you see all the time in video parts. I mean, there is one in Follow Me Around that looks ridiculously huge, bigger than anything at my local resort. When I try to make a tiny one on a hill it takes a good half hour and is about a foot in height. Not much to be proud of.

Richard M.
via e-mail

Jussi Oksanen answers: Hi Richard! It takes way too long to build those big ones! I’ve worked on jumps for two days solid. Sometimes there’s more work to do on the in-run than the actual takeoff. A big jump can be worth it, but I’d rather be hitting natural kickers and save my energy for shredding! Have a good one.-Jussi

Poster Boy

I’ve got two questions for you: First, I’ve noticed that a lot of pros skateboard as well as snowboard. Does this help? Like, if I get good at skateboarding, will my snowboarding improve, and vice versa? Second, I thought it would be cool if you had a foldout poster in every issue. The wallpaper is great, but cutout magazine pages stuck onto walls just never looks as good as I’d hoped.

1. Yes. 2. Okay.-Kurt


What would you give for a man of 25 years old of Quebec who can do backside 360, reverse frontside 360-smooth and fluid? Some big respect, I wish.
It is a big news? Enough for a magazine cover? Yes!
I think of snowboard each day since I’m eleven years old. Write to me if you love snowboard.

Jonathan Milot

Jonathan, I’m writing to you! Thanks for confirming that all the stereotypes about Quebec are true. Your next English class is on me.-K.H.

Bad Wood

Every year I look forward to the TWS Good Wood test, but this year I find myself bothered by one change I consider to be major. Last year, every board tested was a blank. I thought this was a fantastic idea to ensure the integrity of the test. This year, not only were the boards fully fleshed with art, but reps from each company “helped” the riders with the setup.
Why the change? I always felt the one of greatest strengths of the Good Wood test was the lack of bias in the testing. Having the graphics and company reps present seriously damages the creditability of the test.

Tony Toupin
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tony, thanks for your letter. This year, we opted to improve the Good Wood test in two specific ways: we increased the number of testers (from 13 to 23), and we had all the different lengths and widths of each model on site to ensure that each tester rode the size best suited to them. This meant a lot more boards from each brand, and manufacturing blank boards at that scale wasn’t possible. My feeling is that any biases were washed out by the sheer number of testers, boards, and runs.-K.H.

Parent Trap (for the sake of a Lindsay Lohan reference)

So I was reading through your magazine the other day, and II noticed that Forum’s Kicker boot has the same speed-lacing system and articulating cuff as Burton. I know Burton bought out Forum, but it seems like just more Burton products under Forum’s name. Has Burton completely overhauled Forum’s stuff to fit its liking, or has Forum just gotten the right to access Burton technology?

Nigel Wang
via e-mail

Pretty typical stuff, when one company is sold to another. Let’s hope Forum gets every benefit of its parent company’s R & D. Speed Zone lacing is the best thing going, by the way, but don’t get suckered into the Speed Zone binding.-K.H.