Mail 15.8

It seems that only yesterday I was just learning the ropes around the ol’ office. Finding my way like a rat caught in a hateful maze. It took a while to adapt to the confines of my dingy cube-now it’s my security. Nothing changes here, never dark, or light, just the pale fluorescence and stench of burnt coffee. And issue eight is upon me already, time to join the real world for a while. See all you suckers in three months-C.D.

Dear TWS, recently I made plans to go to Utah and go riding at Brighton. The road to Utah had a chance of being icy and my mom was getting jittery about the trip. I slowly made my way through Immigration Canyon and the roads totally cleared. About three miles out of Preston I climbed the last hill and just as I reached the top, a stinkin’ deer hopped out in front of me. It landed on the front of the hood and crunched it-also cracking the left fender and shoving the radiator back onto the engine. It ruined my trip and muffed up my parents’ only car. But I survived to board another day.
Tano Hricziscse
Montpelier, Idaho

The East
I’ve been dying to say that you guys rock! But I’m also a little disappointed-all you ever print are pictures from out west. I’m a Mount Snow local and Vermont has produced a few nasty riders. For example, Ross Powers-we deserve a little coverage out here! Let’s not forget that this is where boarding began.
Erik Lanza
South Windsor, Connecticut
In the future, we plan on running any, and all, photos of Andrew Mutty, sight unseen.-Cody

Bag Of Tricks
Dear TransWorld SNOWboarding, my friend Brian and I are looking for a board sponsor. Nothing big, just someone who could buy me a board. I’m quite good-I can’t backflip or 720, but I’m trying to learn 540s. Here’s a list of all the tricks we can do: 180, 360, stalefish, crossbone, roastbeef, tailshift, nosegrab, et cetera. That’s a lot of tricks-so could you please find a sponsor for us around the Wisconsin area?
Gino Chiarello and Brian Floyd
Merrill, Wisconsin
Yeah, I got sponsors for you-yo mommas! They live in the Wisconsin area-for two little punks you have some crazy, old-school flavor kickin’. Crossbone and roastbeef … tight.-Cody

Hey TWS, I live in the sunshine state of Florida, and I’ve loved boarding since ’96. Has anyone thought about an indoor terrain park here in Florida? It would be a hit-there’s a lot of boarders in the Tampa area, and I think a lot of people would be into it. It would also progress the sport farther than anyone could dream of. Let me know what you think.
Stephen D’Angeles
Largo, Florida
Move to Japan-they have plenty of them. It’s a novel idea, but super spendy. We’re supposed to get an indoor park in So Cal soon. A park in Florida may be next.-Cody

Hi, your mag has really inspired me through the years even though I’m just eleven. Thanks for publishing the “proud helmet owner” letter in the January ’01 issue, Volume Fourteen, Number Five. I used to be one of the stupid guys who didn’t wear a helmet until I read his story. Since I haven’t got my helmet yet, I just don’t board, but I want to really bad. I really admire TransWorld-I’m trying to make a local snowboard mag, and man, is it hard. Thanks,Aaron Booth
Valdez, Alaska
Aaron, I looked this letter up in the archives. Helmets aside-never, ever, take advice from a guy who uses “butt monkey” and “virgin” in the same paragraph-it’s not right.-Cody

Butt Darts
Hey, I just wanted to say that your magazine is awesome. I just moved from Canada to Indiana. The only hill for boarding here is like a bunny hill, definitely not what I’m used to. I don’t even think that they have a park! I’m getting so mad! Your mag is the only thing keeping me sane at this point. You guys rule!
Natalie Bisson
Evansville, Indiana
Dang, Nat, I looked up Evansville on the ‘Net-hard times. You’re stuck with darts and miniature gollf. Give The Midget Links or Hillbilly Golf a shot. You’re a little young for the Third Base Cafe, so get a dartboard at home temporarily-like, for the next five years or so.-Cody

The other day I was watching The Resistance and noticed something. In one of the sections there’s a chick in front of a white backdrop-but she’s only there for one frame. I was just wondering if anybody else has noticed this besides me.Jon
via e-mail
Yeah, you’re being brainwashed-they’re f-king with you, subliminally. I hear Peter Line’s part is peppered with ’em-try the slow-mo.-Cody

I’ll be the first to admit I’m hardly ever wrong-but it recently came to my attention that Scotty Wittlake doesn’t have a single season’s pass and really does clip tickets to snowboard. Last issue I claimed he was just milking his sponsors for reimbursement. And to think, I thought his dirtbag steez was all an act.-Cody