Mail 15.6

Love Connection
Yo, wassup? I’m a sixteen-year-old boarder and I’ve been reading your mag for four years-it’s the jam! Last year I met an exchange student from Switzerland and we boarded together a lot. She and I finally hooked up-but a misunderstanding tore us apart. I later found out it was a rumor, but she was on her flight home. I have no idea where she lives. Giannina Morscher, please forgive me and contact me somehow-you mean the world to me. You guys are my one and only way to reach her. Thanks, I’ll be looking at her picture, and feeling sorry for myself.
Mitch Wheeler
Lillooet, Canada
Mitch, send this shit to Oprah-and don’t believe everything you hear, dummy.-Cody

Relocation Proclamation
First, I want to say your mag is great. I live in Austria, and I’m looking for some connections. I’m spending half this year abroad going to school in Vancouver, Canada. I didn’t choose it for the good schools-I want to go boarding on weekends in Whistler. I’m looking for some local guys who can show me some great powder fields at these big resorts.Gerold Besser
Wernberg, Austria
Gerold, buy some Wildcat shirts, hang around Le Brassiere for breakfast, and frequent the Maxx Fish. You won’t need any help finding powder-trust me.-Cody

Spanish Fly
Hi, TransWorld SNOWboarding! I’m a Spanish girl who loves to snowboard. I do ride all years, and all of Europe since age four. Perhaps, one day I’m going to Snow Summit-I think it’s a very good resort. I also think your magazine is the best of the world. Please, if you have, send me some stickers for put on my board. Thanks a lot!Eva Castro
Eva, Snow Summit could use some international flavor-fly over immediately, please.-Cody

Shout Out
Dear TransWorld, I think the ‘Terror B.C.’ story in September was awesome! It’s so cool you guys came up to Terrace. I mean, what are the odds of that happening? I live here and board Shames Mountain, but the conditions are usually better than what you guys experienced. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for coming, and bye for now.
Silvie Gianneliav
Terrace B.C., Canada
You’re welcome. As a magazine, we systematically look for new areas to exploit.-Cody

Ill Communication
TWS, I was waiting for a feature on my country for many years-when I received issue 13.7 Volume 13, Number 7, I was very happy. “South America,” “Haakonsen,” and “Girls”-all these in one issue! The notes on South America were too funny, but there were things you shouldn’t laugh at. Those “hungry natives” didn’t devour you this year, but next time they might. If your country keeps taking our money, the reserve designated to education and our children, (hungry natives) will be depleted. I only hope your kids never need to steal from tourists to eat. For this reason I will not renew my subscription and spend money on a frivolous magazine. I’m sorry my English is poor, but I’m sure you understand me.
Diego Tedesco
Berazategui, Argentina
Diego, you have a limited grasp of the English language. I re-read the story hoping it would lend some insight-I’m still lost. I can only guess you felt the “natives” caption was derogatory-I didn’t interpret it that way. Did you take offense to the stories of theft by the maids? This isn’t the proper forum for political banter, either. Hush it-we love South America.-Cody

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