Mail 15.5

Welcome to Issue Five-sexy sells! The Reef girls haven’t graced the pages of TransWorld SNOW for quite some time, but their impact on our readers lives on. Next up, celebrity snowboarders. Last but not least-some punk actually has a technical question for us. Just when I thought you were all brain-dead.

Seeing Red

I can’t believe you guys are actually giving Matt from Poway a new setup. Complaining about not seeing enough half-naked girls in the magazine is hardly something to reward him for. As a girl, I hate the Reef ads. What does a girl in a thong have to do with selling shoes? You seem to forget that both boys and girls ride and read this magazine. If Matt needs to look at girls showing off their bodies, it’s just as easy to pick up Hustler. So Matt, I just wanted to say, “F-k you.”

Tory Cyr

Big Sky, Montana

Tory, turn that frown upside down, girl. Matt wasn’t rewarded, he was just lucky-it’s a random drawing. If you asked us to run more photos of shirtless Keir Dillon, would anyone tell you to “F-k off?” You may need anger-management classes-but I ain’t mad at you.-Cody


I’ve been reading your magazine for a long time. I

didn’t notice right away-but what happened to the Reef

girls? They were a legend-one of the reasons my posse and I read TWS. You do a great job, but the Reef girls faded. What happened? Please reply.


representing the AK

Lex, did Reef realize girls also subscribe to TWS and take offense to women in bikinis? Most likely they decided snowboarders aren’t their target demographic, because they don’t buy surf-styled skate shoes, thongs, or sandals very often.-Cody

Name Droppings

My name is Michael Fitzgerald. I’m thirteen years old, and I live in B.C., Canada. I always buy TransWorld, and I’m proud to say that my cousin is normally in it. I just wanted to let everyone know that Devun Walsh is my cousin, and that he’s cool as shit.


via e-mail

Mike, you’re a half cousin, and I hear you’re blacklisted as of now-you little sprayer.-Cody

Blood Brother

I was just wondering if Matt LeBlanc from the sitcom Friends is related to Mikey LeBlanc? I notice Matt LeBlanc wears a lot of snowboard-related clothing.


via e-mail

Cody, I’m surprised no one picked up on this earlier in Mike’s career-the resemblance is uncanny … no relation! You’ve shamed my name, you little numbskull-spray paint is not intended for the purpose of inhalation, please adhere to packaging instructions.-Cody

Black Magic

I’m not sure what it’s called, but when there is a sequence of a rider, there will be people in the background who stay still. How is the rider captured without getting the background movement?

Eric White

via e-mail

I pawned this one off on Jeremy Lanningham, our resident morph master:

“Eric-first off, a photo sequence is taken of a rider performing a trick. With the help of my G4, some Adobe PhotoShop magic, countless hours of mouse monkeying, and my bugged-out burning eyes-the shots are laid out to create a landscape spanning the jump, drop, or railslide. We refer to this as a photomontage, and I hope you’re all stoked on them.”-Jerms

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Dumb luck: Brother Cody has won himself an accessory package featuring products from Dub, Smith, Defcon, Forum, and Bakoda.

Girll power! Lady luck hooked Tory up with accessories from Velvet, Red, Bonfire, Ride, and Test Pilot. Wow.