On the fifth day of May people buy Corona, Tequila, other forms of liquid and herbal libation for one big fiesta. On the sixth day of May whatever is left of that party makes it over to The Village at Mammoth. There they make merriment and watch some of the worlds best jibbers hurl their human forms down metal and wood in efforts for a prize of ten thousand dollars cash. The West Coast Invitational, Seis De Mayo Rail Extravaganza came back yet again, and yet again the progression of rail riding has been stepped—so step son!

The field of fifteen men stood above the perilous kink rail, staring down the six foot deep middle section was like putting a shotgun to ones eyes, the hesitation of pulling the trigger would soon vanish. To the sides of the middle feature were two ledges of less consequence but still provided a chance to prove oneself epic. There would be no practice, no chance to warm ones bones up to accepting the fact that this first hit must be banger. They began to drop and would do so for the next hour and twenty-five minutes, when time would expire the riders would pass judgment in the matter of the bounty.

The Field:

Pat Milberry
Logan Short
Danny Kass
Ricky Tucker
Cory Cronk
Lucas Magoon
Jonas Michelot
Lane Knaack
Michael Goldshmidt
Jeff Kramer
Mike Casanova
Rahm Klampert
Yale Cousino
Jimi Tomer

First to make the crowd feel their presence would be Mike Casanova with a frontside through the kink. Soon after Lucas Magoon would do the same, showing that this would be no easy victory—there would not be a best trick to win this contest. Jonas Michilot was getting himself some all night, my favorite trick would have to be his early pop back three off the kink to flat, really flat but stomped perfectly non the less.

In the eyes of innovation, Cory Cronk was making down ledge his bitch. Corey was doing what I can only describe as a Fast Bonk. He would swagger up to the lip of the box casually teeter on the edge and then proceed with multiple three trick combos like nollie fast bonk to nose press, hip-hop to back tail and then 270 out.

Demonstrating supreme board control was Logan Short hitting an array of tricks all night. While on the subject of board control I got one name for you, Lane Knaack. You may have heard of the term Tech Gnar—Lane was going nollie five-o to switch five-o through the kink rail. He also banged out a nollie 50-50 to frontside, pretzel out!

Just coming through with the gnar was Sketchy-D who was the only one to gap to the down on the kink rail—he did it to frontside to make things even more exciting. Also in Sketchy’s conquests was a switch fifty to switch frontside on the kink. The kid wasn’t going to even show up either. It took two hours of badgering by Danny Kass and myself to get him to put his pants on. I mean D looks good with out his pants on, I know from total heterosexual experience but he looks good flying through the air, hair blown back and gapping shit for the crowd.

Where were we, yes the end of the line, who won what. There would be two riders who were showcasing their talent the best. Both already had a frontside thought the kink and had been stomping a variety of tricks all night. While Casanova was trying to cab three into the creeper ledge of the down ledge it was Magoon who went frontside blunt and then hopped 270 to boardslide on the down of the kink to take the taco. Winning by four votes the seventeen year old, tall tee wearing punk from Rutland, VT got his first win and his first case filled with cash. Now all he could do was spend it. On to the bars to keep the spirit of the party alive … and blackout.

Thanks to Oren, Julian, Mammoth Mountain, the Dingo, Todd Richards, Dr. Jonathan Bartowsky and anyone else who made this event even better than last year. See you next time, in Mexico.

Magoon’s Ten Percent Rule:

MMost people don’t do this anymore but Lucas ain’t doo doo—his shit’s official. Here is a short list of what he has spent his money on so far.

1. Handed out tweni twen twens at the bar.
2. Bought everyone at Danny’s house breakfast
3. A carton of Ciggs
4. One Razor scooter
5. A grip of tall tees
6. A round of golf for me, Dave Schiff
7. Three boxes of Otter Pops
8. A lifetime subscription to TWS
9. One of those Zimbabwe kids on the commercial
10. One box of Trojan Magnum XL’s for Sketchy-D