Toronto, Ontario. (October 18th, 2001). As Atomic Snowboards continues growing to support its initial launch, Rob Madill has been brought on board as the Canadian Sales and Marketing manager.

While in Vancouver, B.C. for the 2001 World Festival of Snow, V.P. of Marketing, Rick Lightfoot met Rob in the least likely of spots- Boardroom Snowboard Shop!

“I was gathering input from shop staff,” says Lightfoot of the chance meeting,” and Rob not only provided a comprehensive competitive overview of the entire industry, but also identified key areas of focus for building a brand in Canada.”

Lighfoot had assumed that Madill was just living the dream, working in a shop and riding everyday, but he was amazed by Madill’s insight. “At the time, I was taking the season off to snowboard,” laughs Madill,” deciding what opportunity I was going to pursue next and it happened to walk in the door”.

A native of Pickering, Ontario, Madill has been involved in snowboarding and skateboarding for the past 15 years. Throughout high school and his attendance at Ryerson University, Rob worked at specialty shops around the Toronto area. After designing and soliciting youth marketing plans for Youth Culture Inc. in Toronto, Rob made the move to Vancouver.

While designing and marketing snowboard parks at Grouse Mountain, Rob met the legendary co-producer of the Whiskey videos, Sean Johnson, at a photo shoot. Madill then worked with Johnson on the first three issues of Torque Mountain Bike Video Magazine. “Johnson and Kearns helped put Canadian snowboarding on the international map,” says Rob of his experience with Johnson,” and now Sean (Johnson) is a little ahead of his time, but he’s about to revolutionize the way the world sees mountain biking.”.

Atomic Snowboards will be available as a late season release this fall and Madill is more than excited about the future. “The boards are incredible, from graphics, to shapes, to dimensions,” proclaims Madill,” the R&D has really paid off and we’re more than ready for market.”

As for the launch of the boards, it’s in line with his values, “Things will start at the grassroots level this year,” states Rob,” we wanted to grow this brand in a credible manner, by focusing on quality boards, unlike some companies that try and offer all products but at a mediocre level of performance.”.

Atomic Snowboard’s will offer a full board line next season, and will be developing boots and bindings in the future, but as testament to their commitment to high performance products, not until they and their riders are completely satisfied with the product.

Lightfoot adds,” Rob has grown up with snowboarding, and snowboarding has grown up with him, and that’s evident from his marketing ideas to his commitment to specialty retailers.”.

Madill will work closely with retailers to integrate dealers into his grassroots efforts. “It’s my job to ensure the success of the specialty retailer, and that means inclusion in my marketing efforts.” From a marketing standpoint, Madill’s goal is to bring things back to the consumer, to get involved, and to do things differently than the current a-b-c formula of marketing snowboards.

“Some companies have forgotten what snowboarding is about,” emotes Madill,” and that’s riding with your friends, having fun and doing things differently.”.