Mack Dawg’s Poem To The Fallen Snowboarders

Sometimes the moment just freezes you. It happened to Mike McEntire (otherwise known as Mack Dawg) at this year’s TransWorld SNOWboarding Industry Conference at Whistler, B.C. during the annual Tranny Award presentation last week.

Each year at the TransWorld Snowboarding Industry Conference, the Tranny Award is presented to people who have had a lasting influence on the sport. Mack Dawg (along with Mike Hatchett and his Standard Films releases) was presented the Tranny Award for his influence over the sport through the seminal films he’s produced.

His acceptance speech was emotional, and after thanking friends, family, former and current partners, and riders, as well as clearing the air about his ending of a partnership with Four Star Distribution, he pleaded the audience to not forget the snowboarders we’ve lost this season. “The only thing that will help keep these people alive are the stories we’ll tell about them,” he said. With that, he played a moody film of Jeff Anderson that left the crowd touched, speechless, and some in tears.

However, he was too choked up to read the poem he had written for the occasion. But he passed it along to TransWorld to publish. Here it is:

The Warriors Way

The distant drums pound the voices are low
I struggle to find words for the legends that grow
With ideals to protect on a path so pure
The poison of mediocrity must be obscured

Although they have fallen they still push us forward
No compromises, perfection explored
Their battles were waged on the highest of peaks
Our sacred ground no place for the weak

Soaring high into the lofty clouds
No compromises ever allowed
Their lives so vibrant it is plain to see
The path of perfection is what they did seek

Their spirits have reached the highest ground
Where stakes can be deadly let these words resound
It is our remembrances that keep legends bold
So band the drum loudly let their stories be told

I Will Never Forget

By Mack Dawg, aka Mike McEntire