M3 Sold To Silence/Avalance Owner

M3 has sold its Snowboard brand to Silence Inc. which is part of the KBEI / San Clemente Enterprises group of companies, located in San Clemente, CA. KBEI / San Clemente Enterprises, Inc. currently owns companies in the public and private sector, including Silence and Avalanche Snowboards. M3 will be re-located to Silence Inc’s San Clemente location. “The M3 line of snowboard products will be a strong addition to our already well established program,” says Dale Rehberg Brand Manager. ” We are very excited and proud to become involved with a rider driven program, and we are fortunate to be working with such an incredible group of snowboarders!”

Dale Rehberg will step in as the new Brand Manager. Blaise Rosenthal says, ” As one of the first waves of Jib Kids (circa ’92, see “The Hard Hungry and Homeless” and “Uppin the Ante”) and a former Ride Snowboards Pro rider, as well as someone I have respected and been inspired by, Dale has experience, personality and taste, that will help make M3 even better.”

Blaise will continue his role as a team rider, and also will have responsibilities with product development, marketing efforts, and the team for M3. Complete creative control will be in the hands of the riders.

Brandon Bybee and Gabe Taylor have signed on to be part of the new program. In addition M3 is currently in negotiation with more pro riders, and assembling an amateur program full of talent and potential superstars. Continuity is important in this transition, as well as freedom to explore the boundaries for the M3 Image.

M3 (new company) and its former owners the Yoshida Group in Portland OR, will be working closely together for the next 120 days to allow for the smooth transition of customer service and operations. Dale Rehberg and Blaise Rosenthal will be assisting the sales force to ensure a smooth transition for the M3 brand.

“It was important to us that the M3 brand continued on and that Blaise be an integral part of the brand going forward,” says Matt Guthrie, President of Yoshida’s. ” The sale to Silence accomplished this transition and allows us to move out of the hardgoods business. The transaction also allows our recreation products group to focus on our accessory and apparel brands, Premier Snowskates”, Jones Golf†° (golf bags), Forrester’s Golf†°(golf outerwear), and Straight Line” (accessories for wakeboarding and water skiing).”

Please contact Dale Rehberg, if you have any questions concerning M3.

Address: M3 Snowboards

1062 Calle Negocio Unit I

San Clemente, CA 92673


Phone: (800) 541-0218

Fax: (949) 369-0491

Email: drehberg@pacbell.net

Silence Snowboards Inc. – KBEI / San Clemente Enterprises did not purchase the Accounts Receivable for the Yoshida Group, therefore all payments of M3 Invoices should be sent to the Yoshida Recreation Products LLC at the following address:

Address: Yoshida Recreation Products LLC

17230 NE Sacramento St.

Portland OR, 97230


Phone: (971) 230-1521

Email: Shellie.Mcbee@Yoshida.com