Since the beginning of M3 I have taken pride in building our team using riders who have received little or no exposure. This has helped to keep the M3 team fresh, exciting, and progressive. While skills are important, by no means are they the single criteria by which M3 riders are chosen. Style, personality and love for snowboarding are also of the utmost importance to us. On behalf of Millennium Three Snowboards I would like to introduce two of our newest team riders, Jake Devine and Nima Jalali.

Jake Devine first caught my eye as an M3 NorCal rep rider two seasons ago. His loyalty and talent have now earned him a well deserved spot on the M3 team. At 18 Jake has a loosness that makes everything he does on a snowboard look good and a looser attitude that makes traveling and hanging out with him fun. He lives in Incline Village NV where he grew up riding all around the Lake Tahoe area. Jake’s riding is featured in Mixed Elements, an 02/03 release from Leviathan Productions. He is currently working on parts for Neo Proto, and Earthquake, the Planet Earth video. Jake’s other sponsors are Planet Earth, Flux, 32, and Out of Bounds. Jake is style.

Nima Jalali is a technician. He dissects rails and jumps, picking them apart with trick after trick. I met him for the first time earlier this season at Mammoth with Gabe and Jake. After spending two days ridding with him and being amazed by his moves, we decided that we wanted him on our crew. Nima is 21 and from Pasadena Ca. He grew up riding Snow Summit and now spends his time between Utah and Cali. His other sponsors are Planet Earth, Tech Nine, Von Zipper, 32 and Active. This year Nima appeared in Gen Pop and Full Metal Edges. This season he is working on the Neo Proto, Earth Quake and Night of the living shred projects.

Both Nima and Jake are fun to ride with and I’m proud to have them on the M3 team,

—Blaise Rosenthal