M3 News Bits

Look for the new limited edition M3 and MLY Snowboards, but don’t expect to be able to buy one. They’ll be available to shop staff on a pro-form basis only. The boards¿a M3 157 and MLY Variable 157¿have similar shapes as boards in the current line, but are lighter because of a different topsheet, fiberglass, and new core.

MLY/Millennium Three Snowboards also recently announced the addition of several new key staff members to the marketing, sales, and production team. Bringing to the company a wealth of industry experience is Paolo Dabbeni as new product line manager. Developing marketing strategies, advertising and promotions for the past three months, Denise Ransome was hired as the new director of marketing for both snowboard brands. Keith Trice has been hired as the new sales and marketing coordinator. New to the customer-service department are Zach Rodriguez and Mikal Lilly, both lending their industry and retail experience to the positions.

Millennium Three (M3) announced the launching of a newly designed, multi-media Web site at www.m-three.com. The new site offers interactive video clips that put the action control at the user’s fingertips. Each rider has three interactive video scenes, most courtesy of Kingpin’s The Revival. The site also features team-rider interviews and actual conversations, as well as detailed product information. The site was designed by a full-service, cutting-edge Web design firm in Portland, Oregon, specializing in the youth market. The firm’s goal was to give the user a complete media experience with good visuals, great music, and plenty of interaction.