M3 Launches New Line

Portland, Oregon (January 27, 2000) ¿ The M3 team recently launched the new product line for 2000-2001, adding depth to the small but successful freestyle brand now entering it’s second year of production.

Supplementing the line this year is the new smaller 148 size, a scaled-down version of the highly popular 157. This size is the perfect board for younger rides who rule the kickers or advanced freestyle girls looking to move up to the next level. In response to dealer requests, a new 163 size has also been added, designed specifically for larger freestyle riders or riders that want to venture into the powder.

M3’s team-based design and marketing continues to be vital to the line’s development, from construction to graphics. Offering continual input to the Portland, Oregon-based company and manufacturer is an experienced team that includes Blaise Rosenthal, Mikey LeBlanc, Chad Otterstrom, Scotty Wittlake, Gabe Taylor, Brandon Bybee, Mitch Nelson, Kendall Whelpton and Risto Scott.

“We just took a look at all of our boards this year and worked on what we could do to even further improve a great ride,” says Blaise Rosenthal. “All of the boards have been modified with input from our team and the M3 product engineers, and I have to say that the 157 is the best board I have ever ridden. We’re all excited to introduce the new line to our dealers and customers.”

Already well-known for durability and strength, M3 also offers a new thinner and lighter sintered base material this year. Graphic designs unique to each board length were unveiled at the company sales meeting and will be showcased at trade shows this season.

“There’s so many random graphics out there right now and we just kinda wanted to have a meaning behind our graphics,” noted team rider Mikey LeBlanc. “So we kicked it around and came up with the idea of a social commentary on the eventual breakdown of cities. It moved away from that as we refined it and now it’s more or less the story of a city getting destroyed, the people rising above through the hard times and building a new city to live in. Pretty cool.”

With a manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon, M3 has produced and marketed premium snowboards since1998.