M3 Launches Back-to-School Program and Moves to Larger Offices.

M3 recently announced the launch of a newly designed back-to-school apparel program, a complement to the brands freestyle snowboard line.

The small apparel program is the result of a collaborative development process involving M3 professional snowboarders and in-house designers. Following many brainstorming meetings with the M3 team headed up by Blaise Rosenthal and Mikey LeBlanc the apparel line-up will be hitting snowboard dealers across the globe this summer.

M3’s team-based design and marketing continues to be vital to the line’s development, from snowboard construction to this season’s new apparel design. Offering continual input to the Portland, Oregon-based company and manufacturer is an experienced team that includes Blaise Rosenthal, Mikey LeBlanc, Chad Otterstrom, Scotty Wittlake, Gabe Taylor, Brandon Bybee, Mitch Nelson, Kendall Whelpton, Risto Scott and Micah McGinnity.

“We really wanted the M3 clothing to reflect our attitude about our own lifestyles,” says Mikey LeBlanc. ” We did our best to give input about what really fits, what looks good and what wears well. We are happy with the results and excited for feedback from our customers.”

In other M3/MLY news, both brands are preparing to move into a new office that will triple the size of the previous location. “MLY pro rider Shannon Melhuse is our resident painter, and has been working his ass off to help us get everthing ready,” says Marketing Manager Denise Ransome. She adds that almost everyone pitched in to get the new office ready, which is located just across the way from the current location.

As part of the move, the MLY/M3 team will receive a dedicated customer service department that will just handle the MLY and M3 brands. “Everyone snowboards, and having them over in our office and out of the Yoshida corporate offices will let them enjoy some of the benefits of working for a snowboard brand,” says Ransome. “Plus, we’re such a small, tightly knit group that it will be great to be able to bounce ideas off of them.”

Ultimately, however, Ransome says having everyone in one location will further heighten the level of customer service. With a manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon, M3 has produced and marketed premium snowboards since 1998.