Lucid Notion Snowboard Co.Announces Team

Denver, CO: The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company is pleased to announce the individuals that will represent the brand on the hill for the 04-05 season. The team will participate in national, regional, and local competitions and events, as well as filming activities. This group of stellar individuals is currently in Colorado working with Privilege Films ( on their upcoming (And yet to be named) release.

Phil Willis will be throwing it down in the Lake Tahoe Area for Lucid Notion. Phil comes onto the team with over ten years of riding experience. He has participated in the Grand Prix, Triple Crown, and other events, and will be doing a small amount of filming for next season.

Daniel Ekker comes to Lucid Notion from Duluth Minnesota, and will be taking care of promotional business in the Midwest for the 04-05. Daniel has also been riding for over ten years, and is a welcome addition to the Lucid Notion Snowboard crew.

Last but not least is Ryan Peterson, hailing from the windy city itself. Ryan is a little Midwest rail boy with some nasty little tricks up his sleeve. Ryan has sense moved out to Colorado, and can be seen throwing it down at Copper Mountain next season.

Lucid Notion is a very small, and highly likeable new snowboard company from Denver Colorado. Americas favorite new snowboard company will be showing up at specialty snowboard shops around the nation in September 2004. Until then, check out the new website: and send all inquires to: