Live From Aspen: Slopestyle and Women’s Superpipe kick off X-Games Eight.

Did you see me? Did you see me? The X-Games in Aspen are live on ESPN through Wednesday. Town is crazy and Buttermilk has been packed with up to ten-thousand spectators each day–all drawn to the glowing, center-stage halfpipe. Man, you should see this thing–probably can see it from space along with the Luxor light in Vegas. Riders say it’s got the most potential since the Olympic pipe, and that it might be the best ever.

Women’s pipe has gone down, as you know. Should’ve seen the kids trying to get a peak under Hannah Teter’s bib. Stop … she’s sixteen. Anyway, Hannah has it. Hasn’t she won every pipe event since I saw her in Chile last September? Chick knows how to turn it on. Kelly Clark was going huge in practice–bigger than anyone. Less-experienced girls fumbled under the lights and the pressure. Shit was brutal for a while, ’cause half of the ten didn’t make more than four hits before washing out on their heel edges–forward lean, forward lean, forward lean, and complete your airs. Doriane Vidal is always sweet to watch, though–all long legs and good style.

What made a blown run hard to bear is the concept of an ESPN minute. Now, I’m known to kind of have my own idea about time. I’ve never been on time in my life–for anything. If I’m early for a flight it’s because I missed the one I was originally scheduled on. But damn, live TV can take its toll when you’re here to get it in person. Those fifteen-second Reeses spots combined with going back and forth between pipe and snocross (even shredders love the snowmobile racing) can add up to twelve minutes in between riders. Did I mention that it’s Colorado, at night?

Live coverage means you could be spooning on a bearskin rug in your own home with a kettle of Orville Redenbacher and Linus’ blanket while I enjoy the sensation of six-degree air in my lungs–and we’ll probably know the results at exactly the same time. But then, you wouldn’t know what it’s like to watch Ross Powers boost to the beat of a two-stroke, and you won’t be at the FHM party tonight, will you?

Men and women’s slopestyle have also played. Shaun White is as predictable as Hannah Teter, only in both slope and pipe. That’s saying something, ’cause the men’s field has mad depth. Danny Kass and Andreas Wiig took the silver and bronze medals. The slope course wasn’t big, but riders got tech–S-dub made three nines during his run. Sorry I don’t have any digi shots of this, there’s a lot going on at once. Check the mag next fall when the film gets developed.

Janna Meyen rocked the women’s slope–fucking killing it lately, huh? She pocketed her third check in a week, after claiming both prizes at Vail’s Session last week.

So, sick shredding going down here. Super-legit event and everyone is in town for it. Aspen itself is going O.F.F. Tomorrow I’ll confirm that talk about the Chair Three liftie and I’ll try to bring you more of what you can’t see on TV. Tune into ESPN Monday night (tonight) for men’s pipe finals.

Slope Results, Women

Janna Meyen

Tara Dakides

Jessica Dalpiaz

Slope Results, Men

Shaun White

Danny Kass

Andreas Wiig

Pipe Results, Women

Hannah Teter

Kelly Clark

Doriane Vidal