Live At The BBC: The 2001 Boarding For Breast Cancer Snowboard And Music Festival

Does inviting thousands of young, healthy, active people to an event promoting awareness of a potentially fatal disease seem like a contradiction in terms? After considering the reckless abandon with which most riders attack the mountain, you realize just how badly this demographic is in need of a reminder on staying healthy.

Boarding For Breast Cancer (BBC) has become something of a “rite of spring” with a combination of snowboarding, weenie roasting, moshing, and hanging with the pros¿all in the name of education. Held April 14 at Sierra-At-Tahoe, California, the event raised 135,000 dollars in ticket sales which will be donated to breast-cancer awareness and research programs. “I come every year,” said Chorus teamrider Leslee Olsen, “because I think it’s a really good thing to increase awareness, and it gets younger people out here to ride and learn about breast cancer.” Modart’s Keep Abreast Campaign had a booth for people to decorate plaster breast molds of Michele Taggart, Tina Basich, Tricia Byrnes, Tara Dakides, and Barrett Christy, which were auctioned off to raise funds for breast-cancer awareness. Even the BBC bands got in on the action¿members of Linkin Park took it upon themselves to decorate Michele Taggart’s breast mold while she was out taking a few runs.

Pro and am judged exhibitions were held in the halfpipe and park to the frenetic noise of bands like Grand Theft Auto and Static X. The afternoon saw a serious handrail session go down on the jib course with the likes of Scotty Wittlake, Neil Goss, Jason Borgstede, and Janna Meyen, among others.

Kathleen Gasperini and Lisa Hudson cofounded Boarding For Breast Cancer in 1995 with inspiration from the late Monica Steward of Bonfire Clothing, who discovered she had breast cancer when she was 26 (yes, still in her 20s!) and died two years later from complications relating to the disease¿just three months before the first-ever BBC event. The Boarding For Breast Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit, youth-focused organization dedicated to encouraging awareness about the dangers of breast cancer and the importance of early detection, as well as fund-raising for research and educational programs. For more information, you can visit BBC’s Web site at:

BBC Contest Results (sidebar)

Women’s Pro Pipe
1. Alexis Waite
2. Meg Pugh
3. Lindsay Pugh

Men’s Pro Pipe
1. David Borroguant
2. Mayama Makota
3. Brady Gunsch

Women’s VIP Pro Pipe
1. Holly Lyons
2. Jaime MacLeod
3. Roberta Rodger

Men’s VIP Pro Pipe
1. Brian Richardson
2. Scott Ensminger
3. Dustin Singler

Women’s Am Pipe
1. Paige Warner
2. Sonia Forgues
3. Nancy Breast

Men’s Am Pipe
1. Lane Knaack
2. Ryan Kronenberg
3. Josh Wilson

Women’s Pro Park
1. Hana Beaman
2. Andrea Tomcat
3. Roberta Rodger

Men’s Pro Park
1. Jason Wordal
2. Clay Allison
3. Hallen Milles