Lib Tech’s Holy Bowly Park City day 2: Working new pockets

The oasis that is the Holy Bowly continued to produce a wellspring of new lines and transfers on day two as riders got more comfortable going bigger and faster. But even as the level of riding elevated the vibe remained as laid-back as it can get. After a grueling season of competing and filming parts for the majority of the invited riders this unique gathering offers a chance to reconnect with friends and shred in a zero-pressure setting. And that's when creativity thrives.

Just a few of today's standout moments include Gray Thompson's physics defying lines, launching off the big boob on the rider's left of the main bowl into, around, and out of the toilette bowl, continuing on into...well, the rest is too hard to describe but let's just say he linked an incredible amount of maneuvers. There was also the tranny-finding airs from Wes Makepeace off of the small boob on the right of the bowl, a direct result of the decades Wes has spent riding Whistler hit runs. He made the trip down from Washington state in an RV with Jamie Lynn and Temple Cummins, and just watching these three do anything on a board is amazing. The same can be said of the lazy, effortless style of Chris Bradshaw and Justin Bennee, who were also floating around the features. Meanwhile Alex Yoder surfed every transition in sight on his Gentemstick and Bode Merrill did headstands on the lip of the main bowl.

So many more worthy lines went down in the freeform jam that it was hard to keep track of it all as riders attacked the course from all angles at all times. Take a look at the photos to see a just a little more of the action and stay tuned for more from Lib Tech's Holy Bowly at Park City tomorrow.

Watch the recap video from day 1 here

Yusaku Horii. PHOTO: Andy Wright

Yusaku Horii. PHOTO: Andy Wright