Lib-Tech Hosts Redhook Art Party

Story and Photos by Ryanne Gerry

Snowboarding and beer only seems to make sense to Lib Tech and Red Hook, two grassroots Northwest organizations. Now in its second year, Lib Tech has teamed up with Red Hook to help the company with its P.O.P and giveaway materials. It’s a marketing partnership gone Lib-Tech. To help roll out the new campaign, the two brands teamed up to host the Winterhook Ale Roll Out party at the Mervin Factory on Friday night. “We’re just kinda like oil and vinegar, its natural for us to be together. Said Nelson Jay, Marketing Manager for Red Hook. “It just seems like a really natural fit to have our companies involved with each other.

It looked pretty natural, that’s for sure! By the time I got there everyone was grinning ear to ear and the VIP’s weren’t afraid to tell me exactly how they felt about their decision to team up.

Jeannine James with Lib Tech couldn’t share with me enough how stoked the two companies are on each other. “We love these guys! They are so much fun and even though this is the busiest season for us, we wanted to take the time to put this together because we are just so excited to be working with them.

Upon close inspection, it pretty much looked like a big ‘ol house party complete with a bunch of Seattle-ites crowded around kegs of micro-brew sporting their cups with pride. A DJ was spinning some beats right inside the front door, and a big open kitchen with couches and a plethora of crazy decorations was packed with people. The “living room boasted a gallery with some of the most amazing artwork that I’ve seen in a long time. It was all definitely snowboard inspired and ready to be slapped on some top sheets.

The art is also part of the teams marketing campaign as Nelson Jay shared. They wanted to make a Red Hook graphic on one of their promotional boards that didn’t make it look like some “beer board. So, they recruited none other than the Lib Tech art guru himself Jamie Lynn to bust out something amazing to blend their ideas. The result is a tasteful integration chock full of Lynn’s style.

It was just like a huge family reunion for the two companies, as they invited all of their retailers and wholesalers to join them to celebrate the upcoming season. Pete Saari VP of marketing for Mervin summed up the evening perfectly: “This is just a chance for us to say and show how cool this partnership really is. Everyone is getting rewarded, our companies have such similar philosophies, and we’re all really excited.